My Inventory: Edit an Inventory Item

For each existing SKU, you can go to the Edit product details screen to view the details or make any changes:

inventory img 30

  1. Find the inventory item in My Inventory.
  2. Right-click on the row for the required inventory item and click Edit product details.

Alternatively, the edit window can be accessed by left-clicking the SKU code in the inventory screen.

Edit Product Details tabs

In the Edit product details screen, details are organised in tabs:

inventory img 31

  • General: basic item details, including the category and pricing/tax settings.
  • Images: allows you to view images linked with the product and upload new ones.
  • Postage Definition: attributes that affect postage, such as dimensions and weight, as well as the default postage and packaging options.
  • Listing Descriptions: channel specific prices, titles and descriptions for the product.
  • Channel SKU: a list of linked SKUs on selling channels.
  • Suppliers: suppliers available for this product.
  • Extended Properties: additional properties, attributes, and specifications for the product.
  • Inventory: shows the physical bin/rack of the item in the warehouse. If it is a batched item, you will find all information about batches here.
  • Composition: shows any child items if the inventory item is a composite parent. 
  • Item Stats: shows various stats based on inventory and sales data.
  • Product Identifiers: shows all product identifiers that are associated with the SKU.
  • kTypes: shows all eBay K-Types for the item (only displays when installed).

Audit Log

Access Audit Log screen by clicking inventory img 32  to view the complete history of stock movements and a list of changes for the SKU. In the Audit Log screen, log details are organised in tabs, each of them contains certain details of the item changes grouped by type: 

inventory img 33


  • Audit Trail: shows a list of changes made to the SKU. For example, if the title is changed, the message in Audit Trail will state Item Title Modified, along with the username, Audit Type and Audit Trail Date
    • In some cases, the audit trail may show UNKNOWN for actions taken by data import routines, such as creating new SKUs in bulk via a CSV file upload.
  • Batch Audit: (only for batched items) shows a list of changes for the SKUs that have batches in the system. A user can trace what was happening to a specific item as well as the time/date and name of the user that made the changes. Location movements, date changes, and quantity affected will be displayed. Previous values are registered and can be found under 'Change Note'.
  • Stock Item History: shows a list of changes for the SKUs stock level in the selected location, with reference numbers from orders, purchase orders or warehouse transfers. This report will also show the exact time and date of the change. For further information on Stock Item History, please click here