Product Details: General

The General tab shows basic item details and allows you to change them. The exception to this is the Item Number - Linnworks SKU which cannot be changed.
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The General Tab components and their description: 

  • Item number: also known as the Linnworks SKU. This field cannot be edited.
  • Item title: Linnworks product title, used internally. It does not have to match titles on marketplace/store listings.
  • Barcode: the barcode of the product. This can be used with several Linnworks features, like listing creation and scanning items during processing orders.
  • Purchase price: the default purchase price of the product. Separate purchase prices by the supplier can be set in the Suppliers tab. 
  • Retail price: the default retail price for the item. Different retail prices per marketplace can be set in the Listing Descriptions tab.
  • Tax: if the Country specific rate checkbox is ticked, this section will not be editable. If it is not ticked, the tax rate will be editable. The expected value is a percentage, without the per cent sign, for example, 17.5.
  • Scan Serial number when processing orders: if enabled, a window for scanning the serial number will pop up when an order with this SKU is processed.
  • Category: the item category can be selected from a list of existing categories. New categories can be added from the Categories sub-menu. These are internal Linnworks categories which are not linked to any categories on marketplaces. For more details please see this documentation.
  • Batch type: you can mark an item as batched and select a suitable batch type from the drop-down list: None, Ordered by sell date or Ordered by priority sequence. For more details please refer to this documentation.
  • Scan batch number when processing orders: (only visible for batched items) if enabled, a window for scanning the serial number will pop up when an order with this SKU is processed, and you will not be able to process the order unless you scan/enter the batch number.
  • Metadata: the default item description for the product.

Editing in bulk

You can edit inventory attributes for many SKUs in bulk via an Inventory Import.