Product Details: Item Stats

The Item Stats tab shows all related sales and stock information for the SKU, which allows you to monitor the performance of each individual item. There are no editable fields on this screen.

inventory img 42

Available tabs

  • Stock: stock availability grouped by location, including expected stock due in POs and Warehouse Transfers, as well as the number of items reserved for unprocessed orders.
  • Supply: list of suppliers and supplier details for this SKU.
  • PO: all outstanding POs related to this SKU.
  • Also Sold: items that have previously been ordered together with this SKU.
  • Returns: returns for the product grouped by month, along with return reasons.
  • Scrap: items that have been marked as scrapped.
  • Sold Stats: sale statistics grouped by sales channel. Note! This tab returns data for the past 120 days.