Product Details: kTypes

The kTypes tab shows all eBay kTypes for the Inventory item. All kTypes that have previously been added either manually or via Data Import using the eBay Motors Listing (K-Types) Import will be displayed. You can add, edit or delete eBay kTypes directly on this page.  inventory img 52


This tab will be visible only when eBay kTypes Application has been installed in your Linnworks account.

Adding eBay kTypes entries per culture

  • Select Culture from the drop-down list
  • Click Add New
  • Click on the  Add New button to allow Linnworks to retrieve a full list of kType data from eBay using the data provided in the MVL - Master Vehicle List. The list will be displayed in a new window where you can filter and select the kTypes that are suitable for the current inventory item. 
  • The filters will be different depending on which culture has been selected. Use the filters provided to search for the required kTypes.
Remember! kType filters work together, so each filter is enabled after the previous filter has been selected.


  • Click on Search when you have finished filtering. The grid will display all kTypes for the specific filters.
  • Select the required eBay kTypes (multiple or all by selecting the checkboxes) for your Stock Item and click the  Add Selected button
  • The selected eBay kTypes will be added to the Stock Item for the specific Culture.
Please note! kTypes that have been already added to the stock item will appear in the list as disabled for any future searches.


Removing eBay kTypes entries per culture

  • Select all rows that are no longer required to be included as a kType data for the stock item.
  • Click on the  Delete button.
  • Click  Save
Please note! kTypes that have been deleted/removed will be enabled again in the list for future searches.


Editing eBay kTypes details per culture

Cells with an   or  icon can be edited in this window.

Include and exclude years

  • Click on the  icon.
  • A new window will be opened where you can select specific years that should be included when listing with this specific kType.
  • Once the specific years have been set, the data will be displayed in two different columns; Include Years will show the selected years and Exclude Years will contain the remainder.

Compatibility note

  • Click the cell to be edited, it will be highlighted.
  • Enter new text and press Enter.
  • After editing kType data, click the  Save button to update the inventory item.

Save changes

Click Summary to have an overview before saving the changes.

  • New: the number of new kTypes that have been added.
  • Updated: the number of existing kTypes that have been updated.
  • Deleted: the number of kTypes that have been deleted.

Please note! The grid shows all kTypes that have previously been added. You will be able to see if the stock item contains duplicate or invalid kTypes. Invalid kTypes are those that do not exist in the latest eBay MVL file and will be marked in red colour and unchecked in the Valid column. You can sort using the Valid column in search of the invalid kTypes.