Edit Product Details - Suppliers

The Suppliers tab shows all suppliers that have been configured for this SKU. In this tab, you can assign suppliers to the SKU that already exist inside Linnworks and select a default supplier for this item. 

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Assigning supplier to the SKU

  • Click Add New.
  • Highlight a supplier from the list and click Add Selected.
  • Click Save.

Please note! When you add a supplier using this method, default data will be added, based on the information already associated with the SKU, such as purchase price and barcode.


To delete the supplier, you need to select the entry, click the Delete button, and Save.

Default supplier

A supplier that is marked as Default will be automatically selected for the SKU when creating a PO.

  • The current default supplier is indicated with a  icon.
  • Select the supplier that you wish to make default.
  • Click the radio button that appears in the Default column.
  • Click Save.

Editing supplier details

  • Any cell with a  icon can be edited in this window.
  • Click the cell to be edited, the text will be highlighted.
  • Enter new text and press Enter.
  • Click Save.

To create new suppliers in the system go to Inventory > Suppliers or use the Inventory Import.