Scrap Items

The Scrap Items screen allows you to record as scrapped any damaged items in your Linnworks account.

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Searching for items

Go to Inventory > Scrap Items to search for stock items that you wish to mark as scrapped. Make sure the correct location is selected in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


By default, the location will be defined by the My Location setting in General Settings. This is a user-specific setting. 

Exact match

Use the exact match when you know either the Linnworks item number (SKU) or the barcode of the item that you are searching for. Simply scan or type in the required SKU or barcode in the text box in the top left-hand corner of the screen and click the Search button or hit the Enter key to start the search. The system will then return the stock item if an exact match has been found. If the value doesn't match a stock item, then no search results will be returned with the following message - Item not found. Please try again.

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Inventory lookup

Use the inventory lookup when you don't know the exact SKU or barcode of the item. All results that match the value you searched for will be displayed in a pop-up where you can select the required stock item from the list.

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Marking items as scrapped

Before marking the item as scrapped, make sure that you've checked item information and filled in the required fields in the Scrap Items screen.

Please note! The Scrap Item action is irreversible.

View item information

Please note that information on this screen will slightly differ depending on whether it is a regular item or a batched one.


  1. Image: the item's primary image if one exists
  2. SKU and title: Linnworks item number and item title as seen in My Inventory
  3. Barcode: item barcode saved in Linnworks
  4. Stock level: item stock level in the selected location
  5. In open orders: quantity in Open Orders for the selected location
  6. Batch number (only for batched items)item batch number selected from the drop-down menu
  7. Bin/rack (only for batched items): the physical position in the warehouse that the item is stored in
  8. Scrap quantity: item quantity that you wish to mark as scrapped, it is set to 1 by default. The quantity of scrapped items should be greater than zero and less than (or equal to) the stock level in the selected location
  9. Scrap category: the scrap category for the item. The list of scrap categories can be modified
  10. Scrap reason: allows you to specify the reason for marking the item as scrapped and/or description of the damage (max. 600 characters). 

Scrap category

You can add a scrap category that specifies the type of damage: partially damaged, broken, etc. It allows you to select the scrap category from the list of existing categories as well as add new ones or delete them.

  • Add a new category

    To add a new category, click the wrench icon  , enter the category name and click the +Add New button to save changes. Once added, click the Close button.scrapcategoryimg1

  • Delete a category

    Similarly, remove the existing category by selecting it and clicking the Delete button in the same pop-up.

How to mark items as scrapped

Once you found an item, reviewed all the item information, specified scrap quantity, category, and reason, click the Scrap Item button scrapitembuttonimg1 in order to mark this item as scrapped.

Scrap history

Scrap History provides you with a list of all scrapped items in the selected location. Use the filter icon  to find information in the scrap history section.


Alternatively, use Query Data to generate reports on scrapped items and download them locally to your computer in CSV format. There are two reports available that return a list of items that were marked as scrapped in Linnworks:

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