Stock In

The Stock In module allows you to book in new inventory as it arrives. For your convenience, you can use a scanner when searching for items to book in. The system also logs every item delivered from this screen automatically which helps to avoid manual mistakes. 

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Table of contents

Searching for items

Go to Inventory > Stock In to search for stock items that you wish to book in. Make sure the correct location is selected in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

By default, the location will be defined by the My Location setting in General Settings. This is a user-specific setting. 

Exact match

Use the exact match when you know either the Linnworks item number (SKU) or the barcode of the item that you are searching for. Scan or type in the required SKU or barcode in the top left-hand corner of the screen and hit the Enter key to start the search. The system will then return the stock item if the exact match has been found. If the value doesn't match the stock item SKU or barcode, then no search results will be returned with the following message - Item not found. Please check and re-enter the item SKU.


Manual search

Use the manual search when you don't know the exact SKU or barcode of the item. All results that match the value you searched for will be displayed in a pop-up where you can select the required stock item from the list.stockinmanualsearchimg1 v2

View item information 

Please note that information on this screen will slightly differ depending on whether it is a regular item or a batched one.


  1. Image: the item's primary image if one exists
  2. SKU and title: Linnworks item number and item title as seen in My Inventory
  3. Stock level: item stock level in the selected location
  4. In open orders: total quantity reserved for open orders in the selected location
  5. Awaiting from supplier: total quantity expected to be delivered to the selected location from all open or partial purchase orders
  6. Batch number (only for batched items)item batch number selected from the drop-down menu
    1. Expires: expiration date taken from the selected batch
    2. Sell by: the date by which the product should be sold taken from the selected batch
  7. Bin/rack (only for batched items)the physical position in the warehouse that the item is stored in 
  8. Purchase price: the value that is stored in the general tab in the item product details. *Note: This price could be different from the price in a purchase order.
  9. Quantity: the quantity that you wish to book in
Purchase price and quantity values are editable. Once booked in, the new purchase price will be added to the item Product Details > General tab, and the stock level in My Inventory will get adjusted by the booked in quantity. 

Booking stock in

Update the stock level of an inventory item or the stock level of a particular batch in the selected location by either clicking the Book in button or scanning a barcode.

Please note! The action of booking in will not replace the current stock level but rather increase it by the booked in quantity.

Booking composite items in

Search for a composite parent SKU, enter stock level into the Quantity field and click the Book in button. This will activate the composite parent book in pop-up which allows booking all child items in one go.stockincompositeimg1 v2

If you are expecting different quantities of the child items delivered from the supplier, book each child item in individually.

Book in button

Click the Book in button to add new stock in. Deliver purchase orders, process open orders, and print stock item labels while booking stock in one go, using the following features in the Stock In screen:  

  • Mark items as delivered in selected purchase orders.
  • Process selected orders as stock booked in.
  • Print labels when booking in.

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Mark items as delivered in selected purchase orders

Select the mark items as delivered in selected purchase orders checkbox to deliver quantity from the corresponding purchase orders. The checkbox will activate the purchase orders grid on the right side of the Stock In screen. Only open and partial purchase orders will be displayed in the grid. Click the  sign to check the item's purchased quantity and the quantity that has been already delivered. 

srockindeliverpoimg1Use the Book in button to book new stock in and mark that item as partially or fully delivered in the selected purchase orders. 

Please note! When booking stock in against a purchase order, the price from the purchase order will be used to adjust the stock value.

Process selected orders as stock is booked in

Select the process selected orders as stock is booked in checkbox to process any Open Orders with that item as you book the stock in. This will instruct Linnworks to display the Process Order screen for each selected order once the Book In button is clicked. 


The orders in the grid are displayed in the despatch date priority showing the order with the closest despatch date first. When selecting multiple orders to process, Linnworks will allocate all available stock to the selected orders in the same priority. The orders then will have one of the two tags:

  1. Ready - there is enough stock to fulfil this order. 
  2. Insufficient - the remaining stock quantity is less than the ordered quantity. 

Please note! Orders in an unpaid status won't be added to the orders awaiting shipping section to be fulfiled from the Stock In screen.

Print labels when booking in

Select the print labels when booking in checkbox to print Stock Item Labels when the Book in button is clicked. The system will print the same number of labels as booked in quantity.

Scanning a barcode

You can activate the Book in button by scanning a predefined barcode.

For more details on how to activate the Book in button via barcode, please see the Inventory General Setting documentation.