When you have many similar items that have different variations, you can arrange them into Variation groups. For example, T-shirts of the same brand and style but in different colours and sizes. When created in Linnworks, the variation group can then be listed to different selling channels as a single listing that holds all the information about all products in the group. This allows buyers to select the colour and the size they need on one listing instead of searching through several listings.

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Variation group components

Variation groups are made up of standard inventory items that are added to a group under the main item.

Variation parent

Variation parent is the main item that holds information that is shared by all items in the group. In our example of selling t-shirts, the variation parent would contain general information about this product: its brand, style, material, manufacturer, description, etc.

Please note! Variation parents are required for creating variation listings on selling channels via Linnworks.

There is a plus sign   to the left of the variation parent which helps you to distinguish these items in My Inventory. Use it to access the list of all variation children assigned to the selected variation group.  
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Variation children

Variation children are standard inventory items that represent every item in the variation group. In our example, variation children are all the single items that represent a T-shirt of a particular colour and size: a T-shirt of red colour in size S.


Please note! Variation children can belong to more than one variation group. For example, the same T-shirt can be added to the variation that groups T-shirts of different colours/sizes and the variation that groups T-shirts with different prints.

Add new variations

Go to Inventory > Inventory Settings > Variations and click the +Add New button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. In the General settings, add variation parent and variation name. Then in the Products section click the +Add New button which will start the Stock Finder. In the Stock Finder type in the variation child SKU that you wish to add and click the Select button. Once all the variation children are selected, click the Save button to create this variation group.

Prior to creating a new variation group in the Variations screen, the actual stock items (variation children) need to exist in the inventory. Use the My Inventory screen to add new stock items manually or the Import Data tool to create them in bulk.

Edit variations

Open the Variations screen, select the variation group you need to edit and double-click the edit icon editpen1on the right side in the variation row. You can change the variation name as well as add or remove variation children by using the +Add New button to add a variation child or the delete icon  in the variation child row to remove it.

Delete variations

In order to delete a variation group select it and click the Delete button in the top right-hand corner. You can also delete several variations in one go by holding the Shift key to select multiple variations and clicking the Delete button.

Add new variations in bulk

Use the Import Tool to add variation groups in bulk. Please find a dedicated article that explains how to import variation groups on the following link


Both the variation parent and variation children need to contain information about a product in My Inventory > Product Details > Extended Properties added as variation attributes. Update variation parent with extended properties that hold general information about an item: brand, style, material, etc. Variation children need to have information specific to each item in the group: size, colour, etc. Please find more information on extended properties and how to update items with them on the following link


Once a variation group is created, you can list it to the selling channels via Linnworks

Search for variations

Use the Variations screen or the My Inventory screen to search for variation groups. 

Variations screen search

In the top left-hand corner of the Variations screen, find a drop-down menu next to the Search button. You can search by:

  1. Variation name: variation group title
  2. Variation SKU: parent SKU
  3. Item SKU: child SKU


Select the search type, in the search field enter either variation name, parent SKU or child SKU and click the search icon  .

My Inventory search

In the top left-hand corner of the My Inventory screen select the variation group name filter in the drop-down menu, type in the name and click the Search button.

You can also create a separate view to display only variation parent items. Please find more details on how to create Inventory Views on the following link. When working with views, you need to select variation parents as the product type.variationsviewimg1

Select the required product type and click the Save button. All variation parents will now be displayed in this inventory view.