Warehouse Management System (WMS)

This page provides a quick overview of the Warehouse Management System (WMS), explains how the WMS location differs from a regular warehouse in Linnworks, and provides guidelines on how to get this functionality enabled for your account.

Information! Currently, the WMS functionality is in a paused deployment status and it is not available to new users. If you want to get more details, please contact our Sales Team via our support center.

What is WMS?

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers advanced functionality for managing bin rack locations and supports different storage types in your warehouses along with extended inventory tracking.  


With WMS, SKUs are booked into bin rack locations in batches along with a unique batch number, status, and priority. 

WMSitem v2

What will change once I start using WMS?

In order to take full advantage of WMS, you need to have bin rack locations set up in your warehouse. Without a properly defined warehouse space and bin rack locations, the WMS functionality will not be a better alternative to a regular warehouse location.

Note! When the location is enabled for the warehouse management, you cannot change stock levels in it directly.

To record stock levels in the WMS location you will need to use dedicated screens in Linnworks.net along with the Linnworks mobile application.

How to enable WMS for my account?

If your warehouse is properly set up and you would like to use WMS to benefit from improved control over inventory management, then please contact our Sales Team via our support center to have this functionality enabled for your account. Please specify the ticket title as "Enable WMS" and select the ticket category as Sales and Billing.


Important info!

It is highly recommended to use WMS alongside the Linnworks mobile app. It will ensure that all actions are recorded in the system when you or your warehouse employees book the stock in or move it around the warehouse.


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