Warehouse Transfer

The Warehouse Transfer module allows you to track the stock movement between two different locations. This screen uses the concept of transfer cards which show each stage of the stock journey starting from being removed from one location, being in transit and then received in the destination location.


Note! Fulfilment centres and FBA locations are not supported in the Warehouse Transfer screen as Linnworks has no control over stock levels at these locations. Batched products are also not supported in this screen.

The Warehouse Transfer screen overview

To access the screen, go to Inventory > Warehouse Transfer:

WTscreenimg1 v2


Use the locations drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen to review outstanding transfers (that are not marked as delivered) for a specific location. There is also an all locations option in the list that displays outstanding transfers for all locations. The locations in the drop-down menu are taken from Inventory > Locations. Fulfilment centres and FBA locations are not available in the drop-down menu as these are not supported in the Warehouse Transfer module. 


In the Warehouse Transfer screen, you can search for transfers by SKU, barcode, bin reference, title, and transfer reference. Select the search filter, enter the text and click the Search button to look for the required transfers.


The warehouse transfer card is moved to the Archive section when you change its status to delivered. The same applies to deleted warehouse transfers. Click the Archive button if you need to check past or deleted transfers. 

In the Archived Transfers screen you can select two tabs:

  • Search: displays transfers filtered by SKU, title, barcode, transfer reference, or bin reference. The search tab offers multiple search options to look for archived transfers: 
    • By created date: the date when a transfer was created.
    • By archived date: the date when a transfer was delivered or deleted.
    • For all dates: all dates.
  • All: displays all transfers.

To view warehouse transfer information, click the search  icon on the right side of the table in the row with the required transfer.


  1. Transfer reference: the reference number of the transfer, the system generates it automatically.
  2. From: the location that the stock was transferred from.
  3. To: the location into which the stock was transferred.
  4. Status: the status of the transfer: draft, request, accepted, packing, in transit, checking in or delivered. Please see the detailed explanation of warehouse transfer statuses in this articleNote! In the Archive screen, you can view transfers that were delivered or deleted from the system. If the transfer was deleted, it will be marked accordinglystatus
  5. Notes: warehouse transfer notes. You can also check item specific notes by clicking the notenoteicon in the item's row.
  6. Properties: warehouse transfer properties. Note! These properties can be used later by an application or a macro to help identify warehouse transfers with a specific property.
  7. Audit log: use the Audit Log button to check the audit trail of changes made to a warehouse transfer starting from the moment it was created.
  8. Print transfer: use the Print Transfer button to print the transfer invoice. The warehouse transfer template needs to be set up in Settings > Template Designer.
  9. Items table: in this table, you can check the item SKU; title; requested, sent, and received quantities; notes left for a specific item.

New transfer

Use the New Transfer button if you want to transfer the stock from the currently selected location to another location.


Please see more details on how to create a warehouse transfer here.

New request

Use the New Request button if you want to request the stock to be transferred from another location to currently selected location.


Please see more details on how to create a warehouse request here.

Stock movement

The following table shows when the actual stock movements take place based on the status of a warehouse transfer. WT00000 is an example of the warehouse transfer reference number.

Status From Location Stock Item History Note To Location Stock Item History Note
Draft No change   No change  
Request No change   No change  
Accepted Requested quantity deducted Added to transfer WT00000 No change Due from a transfer WT00000
Packing No change   No change  
In transit No change   No change  
Checking In No change   No change  
Delivered No change   Checked in quantity added Stock received from a transfer WT00000

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