A сonfigurator hosts common details for listings such as listing type, return policy, payment methods, shipping info, attributes, listing categories, etc. Configurators offer an efficient way of creating listings in bulk that follow a common theme. The same configurator can be used to list multiple items that share common details.

To create a configurator, go to Settings > Configurators > select the channel you wish to list on > click +Add New button.

Configurators for different channels share common buttons and columns described below.


In the configurators screen, you can add, edit, delete, and duplicate configurators:

ebay configurator buttons

  • Add New: click this button to open the new configurator wizard that will guide you through the steps of setting up a new configurator.
  • Duplicate: select an existing configurator and then click the Duplicate button to make a copy of that configurator. When the duplicated configurator is created, it will have a "(0)" added to the end of the configurator's title. This title can be edited.
  • Delete: select an existing configurator and click the Delete button to remove that configurator. A configurator cannot be deleted if it has any listing templates assigned to it.
  • Settings: сlick this button to see additional options (some of these are channel-specific)
    • Choose Columns: select to see a list of all the available columns and tick those which you would like to display on the screen.
    • Manage images: (eBay) here you can add up to 40 images that will be available for selection in the Description (column) > Visual Editor > Insert > Insert/edit image. Images will be available for all configurators on this channel.
    • Revise Selected: select existing configurator(s) and click Revise Selected to revise each listing template assigned to those configurators. This action is required if the information in the configurator was changed and needs to be updated on the channel.
    • Refresh Channel: (Magento, BigCommerce) use to download updated categories, attributes, and attribute sets from the channel if there have been any changes.


Once the configurator is ready, you can proceed to My Inventory screen and start creating listings.