Working With Amazon Business Prices

Business Prices allow you to sell directly to other businesses through Amazon, with the ability to offer special rates to business customers and discounts based on the number of products ordered. 

To use business prices, you need to have an Amazon Business Account. 

Please Note! The Amazon Business Seller Program is currently only available in the .com, and .de marketplaces.
Business prices are added to items the same way as the usual Price by Channel with an additional tag specifying price type and are treated the same way as other listing prices. If Price Change is enabled for the channel, the listing will update automatically.
To add a Business Price to a stock item:
  • Find the item in My Inventory.
  • Click the SKU to open the Product Details window.
  • Click Listing Descriptions.
  • Click +Add New.
  • Add the following information to the pop-up window: 
    • Source: AMAZON
    • SubSource: the SubSource name as it appears in the Channel Integration screen.
    • Price: the default price offered to registered business account holders.
    • Tag: this needs to be set to BUSINESS. Leaving this blank will offer this SKU at this price to normal Amazon customers.
    • Сlick +Add.
  • Click the Save button on the Product Details window.


Linnworks has the ability to offer discounts for business customers. Discounts can be offered based on the number of units bought. There are two ways of offering discounts:

  • A percentage discount per unit.  If a customer orders 50 or more, then offer a 5% discount on the base unit price; 100 or more units, then offer a 10% discount.
  • A flat discount price for each unit. If the base business price specified is £5.00/unit, then on ordering 50 or more units, the base price can be specified as £4.90/unit. 

To apply these discount rates for bulk sales, please do the following:

  • Go to the Listings Description tab in the Product Details window.
  • If the SKU doesn't have a business price yet, follow the steps above to add it.
  • Click the Rules button.ambusprices1
  • The number on the button shows the number of discount levels offered for this SKU.
  • The Business Price can be changed by altering the value in the first textbox.ambusprices2
  • Select the Discount Type in the following text box. It is only possible to offer 1 type of discount per SKU.
    • Fixed Price: flat-rate discount per unit for the specified order quantity.
    • Percent Discount: the percentage discount from the base business price per unit for the specified order quantity.
  • Click +Add New.
  • Add the minimum purchase level to start offering this discount in From Quantity column.
  • The To Quantity is calculated automatically as you add new rows.
  • Add the discounted price in the last cell. This must be less than the standard Business Price.
  • Several discount levels can be added by clicking +Add New.
  • Discount levels can be removed by selecting the relevant line and then clicking Delete Selected.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Save on the Product Details window as well.

Adding Business Prices to Listings

When a SKU has a Business Price added to the stock item, it will be added by default when creating a new listing template. If no business price has been set up before listing the product, then it can also be added directly to the template. 

A link titled Add will be displayed in the Business Price column. Follow the same steps as described above to add Business Price and offer a discount if required.