BigCommerce Configurator

BigCommerce Configurators host common details of listings such as listing type, return policy, payment methods, shipping info, attributes, categories etc. In addition, Linnworks makes use of multiple product descriptions, pricing, and titles defined in the system.

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Creating a BigCommerce Configurator

To create a BigCommerce configurator, go to Settings > Configurators > BigCommerce > click the +Add New button.

Fill in all the details and click Save:

bcconfig wizard

  • Name: enter the name of the configurator.
  • Site: select the BigCommerce international site that you will be listing on.

Editing a BigCommerce Configurator

When configurator is created make sure that you have configured all the sections. Below you will find a detailed guide for each of them:



The name of the configurator can be edited. The same configurator can be used to create listings for items that have similar listing settings, so you can use the configurator name that will help differentiate between groups of listed items. 


The Templates column shows how many templates are assigned to the configurator (single listings/variations). Click on the number to see the templates.


In the Main window, you can define all general settings for the configurator.

bcconfig main1

  • Manage Stock: tick if you'd like BigCommerce to automatically decrease product stock levels when the order is placed.


In the Categories window, you can select the categories that you wish to use for this configurator. Categories available for selection must be set up in the BigCommerce site’s admin settings. The number on the button will stand for the number of categories that you have selected.

 bc config categories

If there are any changes to the list of categories on BigCommerce, the configurator will need to be refreshed, click Settings > Refresh Channel to download updated categories from your channel. This will take a few seconds. 

The Categories screen is divided into three parts:

  • Available categories: all categories that you have created on the channel will be available here. Select categories that you wish to use for this configurator by clicking the + button.
  • Selected categories: every listing created via this configurator will be able to use categories from this table. Tick any category as Default if you wish to use a certain category every time for this configurator.
  • General Settings: categories can be mapped through the extended property of the item. The Linnworks item needs to have an extended property with the value of the BigCommerce Category ID and type Attribute.


In the Attributes column, select those attributes that you wish to use for this configurator. Attributes available for selection are BigCommerce standard product attributes. The number on the button will stand for the number of attributes that you have selected. A full list of all available BigCommerce attributes is here.

bc config attributes

The Attributes section consists of two parts:

  • Available attributes: preset attributes from the BigCommerce back-end can be added to this configurator by clicking the + button.
  • Selected attributes: every listing created via this configurator will be able to use attributes from this table. When selected, you can specify where Linnworks should pick the information up from - the extended property of the item or from the Default Value column in this screen.

Custom fields

Use the Custom fields section to list additional product information that will appear on the product page, such as a product's material, condition, etc.  A product can have a maximum of 200 custom fields. Please see more details on BigCommerce custom fields here.

To add a custom field, click the +Add New button at the top right-hand corner of the pop-up. Similarly, use the Delete button if you need to remove the custom field.


Add the Name and specify where Linnworks should pick the information from - the Extended Property of the item or the Default Value column in this screen. If you would like to use the extended property, an item should be updated with it in Product Details > Extended Properties with the Attribute type.

Note! Custom fields work only with single items or parent item for variation groups, as Bigcommerce doesn’t treat variation children as separate products and therefore it can’t have any custom specifications.

Variations (only for variation listings)

To create a variation listing, you need to have a variation-compatible configurator that has variation attribute(s) added to the Variations column. As an example, it can be colour, size or type, so each variation child item will have its own value that will be available in a drop-down menu on the listing.

bc config variations

 The Variation attributes section consists of two parts:

General settings:

  • Use main item images only: tick if you want to display images on the listing from the main item only and keep all other images disabled. Otherwise, each child item will have its own image.
  • Extended property for variation title: if you have stored a listing title as an extended property, then you can use this option to select that extended property. Otherwise, Variation Group Name will be used as the listing title.

Variation attributes: to add a variation attribute, click the +Add New button > specify the name of the attribute.

  • Typeselect how variation attributes are displayed on the listing:
    • Radio list
    • Rectangle list
    • Select Box
    • Swatch - This option is only recommended for colour.
  • Extended Propertyselect the extended property on the items the values for the attribute are pulled from.


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