eBay - auto-select configurator

For eBay, there is an additional option called Auto-select configurator(s). It is useful if you plan to list many items via different configurators. Instead of filtering and grouping items to select those that should be listed with the same configurator, you can select all the SKU's, and with the auto-select configurator(s), the system will be able to use dedicated for the item configurator.

To achieve this, you need to assign an additional extended property to the stock items to instruct the system which configurator it needs to use. 

ep priority12

  1. Prepare configurators for all the inventory you plan to list.
  2. Add an extended property with the title 'EBAY_CONFIGURATOR' and set the exact name of the configurator as the extended property value. Use the Inventory Import to update items in bulk.
    • Note! Auto-creation of templates for multiple sites is supported also. You can specify multiple configurations to be able to create templates for multiple sites when using Autoselect configurator. For this update an item with extended properties in the format below. Examples:
      • EBAY0_CONFIGURATOR (subsource_configurator).
      • EBAY0_DE_CONFIGURATOR (subsource_marketplace_configurator).
      • EBAY1_CONFIGURATOR (subsource_configurator).
  3. Select all the items you want to list > right-click on the eBay column for the selected items > select +Create listing on eBay > Auto-select configurator. 

This will create templates for all of these items with the configurators specified in each item's extended property.