Listing on Walmart

Walmart is different from other channels in the way it works with listing functionality. This guide details the process of listing items for sale on Walmart. The Walmart Listing Tool connects to your Linnworks database, allowing you to prepare and submit items to the Walmart Marketplace for listing.

Table of Contents


Before listing to Walmart, you will need the following:

  1. Walmart Listing Tool Application. Please refer to this guide for assistance with installing the application
  2. At least one Walmart channel integrated into Linnworks
  3. Following Permissions must be adjusted in the Walmart Developer Center > Delegated Access:
    • Item: Full Access
    • Feeds: View Only

Please check more details about the permissions here.

Walmart Listing requirements 

Walmart SKU requirements 

When listing on Walmart the user has the option to list in different categories. Walmart's requirements for listing will be different depending on the selected category. In addition to that, Walmart has established some general SKU requirements for all categories:

  • Product Name (Title): The title of the product to be displayed on the product details page. 200 characters max.
  • Short Description: Overview of the key selling points of the item, marketing content, and highlights in paragraph form. 1000 characters max.
  • Main Image: The image can be hosted on an external server or by Linnworks. URLs must begin with http:// or https:// Example: 2000 characters max.
  • Product ID Type: The type of unique identifier used in the "Product ID" field. Example: UPC; GTIN; ISBN; ISSN; EAN. Please check this link for more information on Product ID Types. 
  • Product ID: Alphanumeric ID that uniquely identifies the product. Example: X12345. 14 characters max.
    • The Product ID is an important identifier for Walmart's systems. Walmart merges items with the same Product ID and shows them as one item sold by multiple Sellers. If you provide the wrong Product ID, then your item will be merged incorrectly, which can increase your order cancellation rate, create bad customer experience, produce customer fraud complaints and result in a lower rating on your Seller Scorecard.
    • You are not allowed to submit two different SKUs with the same Product Identifier. Even if you have submitted an item with a group of Product Identifiers (e.g., an ISBN and GTIN), this group can only have unique SKUs.
  • Brand: The item's brand. Example: HP; Toshiba; Unbranded. 4000 characters max.
    • When listing unbranded items, please use UNBRANDED as the brand.
  • Product Tax Code: The code used to identify tax properties of the product. 10 characters max. For more information about Walmart current Sales Tax Codes please click here.
  • Price Amount: The price of the item.
  • Price Currency: The currency of the specified price. For example, USD.
  • Shipping Weight: The weight of the item when packaged to ship. This value will be taken from the 'Postage Definition' tab in Edit Item and converted into Lb (pounds). The only weight identifier type allowed by Walmart at the moment is Lb, none of the other units like kg, g, mg and oz, are allowed.
Please Note! Walmart only allows creating a listing with a particular SKU code once, i.e. you cannot have two listings on Walmart with the same SKU code.

Walmart Configurator

Logging into the Walmart Listing Tool will open a window displaying a general overview of the various stages in the listing process.




  • Add NewAllows you to create a new configurator
  • Edit Existing: Allows you to select a configurator and change any of its specifics and attributes 

Creating / Editing a Walmart Marketplace Configurator

When listing to the Walmart Marketplace, only certain categories will be available to list to, based on your agreement with Walmart. These categories will have specific requirements for the information required to successfully create the listing. This listing creation stage checks that your Linnworks SKUs have the correct data to make a listing.

Accessing the Listing Tool

  1. Please make sure you have installed the Walmart Listing Tool in your account.
  2. Go to My Inventory Walmart Listing Tool. Alternatively, the Walmart Listing Tool can also be found by going to Apps > My applications in the left-hand side menu.

How to create a configurator

  1. Select the Walmart Integration that you wish to list to from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Add New option titled 'Configurators' at the top of the tool. wlmrt2
  3. Select the Category that you want to list to.   wlmrt4
  4. Enter a Name for the configurator. 
  5. Complete the required information. This information will be displayed and split into different sections: Basic, Item Variants, Additional Category Attributes, Compliance, Dimensions, Discoverability, Images, Nice to Have, and Offer. wlmrt5
    • Keep in mind that configurators host common details of a listing, therefore details and attributes for the configurator will be based on category.
    • The Additional category attributes section helps describe the items, so it will be different for every category. For example, clothing category items require additional details like Gender, Clothing Size, Color, Fabric Material Name, Fabric Care Instructions, Fabric Material Percentage, Occasion, etc. These attributes are important because they help Walmart categorise your items correctly.
    • The attributes in the discoverability section are particularly important as they are attributes relevant to your item to improve your item's performance when users browse or restrict their searches. The more relevant attributes you provide, the better your item will perform. Consequently, if you do end up selecting a category that is not the most suitable, it may cause your item to sell less (due to non-optimal discoverability attributes)
    • Any values considered by Walmart as compulsory values will be highlighted with an Asterisk (*) across the different sections
    • Optional or recommended values will be highlighted with a thumbs-up symbol
    • When listing variations, please remember that a different configurator will be required per each different combination of attributes.
  6. Complete the fields with the required information. 
  7. Click the 'Save' button to save your new configurator.
Please Remember! Configurators host common details of a listing, such as condition, brand, currency, variation attributes like size, colour, etc.


How to edit an existing configurator

  1. Select the 'Edit existing' option from the menu titled 'Configurators' at the top of the tool, wlmrt3
  2. Select the Configurator that you wish to edit wlmrt6
  3. The Edit configurator window will be displayed. Review the information and click Save.
  4. Any changes made in the configurator will be reflected across all existing templates. A warning message will be shown and you will need to click Continue to proceed with any changes.