Create listings via Linnworks

Linnworks supports listing to multiple sales channels. Listing creation involves two stages:

  1. Setting up configurators
  2. Creating listings

1. Setting up configurators

A сonfigurator hosts common details for listings such as listing type, return policy, payment methods, shipping info, attributes, listing categories, etc. Configurators offer an efficient way of creating listings in bulk that follow a common theme. The same configurator can be used to list multiple items that share common details.

To create a configurator, go to Settings > Configurators > select the channel you wish to list on > click +Add New button.

configurator 1

Configurators for different channels have few differences in the creation steps based on channel specifics. For a detailed description of a specific channel configurator please check our guide.

2. Creating listings

Listings are created from the My Inventory screen. You can create them one by one or create several listings in one go. Use the sorting and filtering in My Inventory to find SKUs that you would like to list through the same configurator, select them all and follow listing creation steps described below

Please Note! The process of creating a single listing and variation listing requires the same steps with the exception of a few additional details. In the following guide, you will find general steps for listing creation and some additional details for variation listings will be highlighted where required.

1. Add the Channel column to My Inventory view.

Create a new view from the Default tab by clicking the icon as shown in the image > Channels > select channel name and click +. Check view settings and then confirm view creation by clicking Save:

ebay listing single 1


For variation listings: To create a variation listing, you need to have a variation group with all required details created. Please check this guide about variation groups for more details. When adding a view, make sure that Product Type has either All Products or Variation Parent selected.                                     

2. Find and highlight the item to be listed.

You can select one or several items to create templates for all of them in bulk. Filtering and sorting can help you select a group of items that share common details and can be listed with the same configurator.

ebay listing single 2

For variation listings: variation group parent items are marked with a + sign to the left of the SKU, you can click it to expand the list of variation child Items.                           

3. Select a configurator and create a template

Right-click the Channel column for the selected item(s) > select +Create listing on Channel > select configurator name. You will be redirected to the channel templates screen.

ebay listing single 3

For variation listings: a variation-compatible configurator that has the Variation section configured is required for the creation of variation listings. Each channel-specific configurator guide includes details about variations. Only variation-compatible configurators will be available in the +Create listing on Channel menu.

There are additional options for eBay and Amazon:


4. Review the templates for the listings

In the channel templates screen, check all the details to make sure that the correct data was picked up from the items.

configurator template

For a detailed description of a specific channel template please check our guide.

5. Send listing information to the channel.

Click Create to proceed with listing creation on the channel. If you are creating several listings, you can select all of them and create them in one go by clicking the Process button in the top right-hand corner.

ebay listing single 4