eBay Category Mapping Application

The eBay Category Mapping application was designed to allow you to easily add extended properties with the required specifications to inventory items when listing them to different eBay categories. Using this application you can:

  • review all item specifications suggested by eBay for the selected listing category.
  • create item extended properties for all specifications (or only those that are required/suggested by eBay) for the selected category.
  • automatically map item extended properties in eBay Configurators > Specifications

Once installed, you can access the application in the My Inventory screen under the eBay Category Mapper tab in the item's product details.


Note! To use this application, you need to have: 


How to install the application

Go to Apps > Application Store and find the eBay Category Mapping application in the All Applications tab. Click Install to add this application to your Linnworks account. If the app was successfully installed, then it will be available in Application Store > My Applications

Appstore eBaycategorymapping

How to use the application 

Go to the My Inventory screen and click the SKU to open the Product Details pop-up. In the pop-up, select the eBay Category Mapper tab. At the top you can select:

eBayCategoryMapper menu

  • Subsource: the name of the eBay integration as specified in Settings > Channel Integration.
  • Site: eBay marketplace - UK, Canada, Italy, etc.
  • eBay configurator: the name of the eBay configurator.
  • eBay category: the category that you want to map specifications for.
    • Note! If the category is set up to use the value from Extended property for category #1 field in eBay Configurator > Categories, then the application will try to automatically select that category.

Once all the options above are selected, the list of eBay specifications will be displayed in the screen.

Note! The list of eBay specifications is sorted alphabetically with the required specifications for the selected category added to the top of the list (such specifications are marked with obligatory in the configurator).


Working with specifications

Tick specifications that you would like to have added as item extended properties and have them mapped in the configurator. Tick the box in the top left-hand corner of the pop-up if you need to select all specifications.

Note! The specifications that are already present in the configurator will be automatically ticked. If you do not need to update them, make sure to remove the tick where necessary.

Property name

This is the name of the extended property. It will be the same as the specification name but you can change it by selecting a new name from the drop-down menu. It is a searchable field which means that once you start typing, the system will suggest available property names. You can also add a custom name for the property if necessary. 


Property value

This is the value of the extended property. Like the property name input, the property value field will suggest available values. These are the values suggested by eBay. You can also add a custom value if required.

Info! If the property is required for the selected category, the property value field will have a red border.


Possible warnings

While working with mapping via the app, you may come across warnings.

  • Propertyexists: displayed when an item already has an extended property with the specified property name. If you click Save, the new extended property will override the old one.
  • Mappingalreadyexists: displayed when the eBay category already has a definition for the specified property. If you click Save, the new extended property will override the old one. 
  • Propertyvalueisempty: displayed when there is no value inserted for the selected specification. You need to add value or untick the specification if you are not planning to use it.
  • Valuenotsuggested: displayed when you insert a custom value for the specification instead of selecting the one from the list that is suggested by eBay.
Note! Warning messages will be displayed only when the checkbox for the property is ticked.

Saving the settings

Once you click the Save Save button, the application will take the following actions: 

1. Add the selected specifications to the item as extended properties.

Extended properties

2. Map item extended properties in the configurator for the corresponding category.

eBayconfig specifications

Possible issues

If the mapping in eBay Configurators  > Specifications doesn’t show up, it may be due to the fact that Linnworks caches the configurators setup. Please try to clear the cache and refresh the page or log out and log back into your account.

If it doesn't help, contact our tech support for further assistance.