Managing multiple prices/titles/descriptions

Linnworks allows you to set up different prices, titles, and descriptions for the same SKU on different channels and subsources. You can store these details in several ways, and by doing so you instruct the system which price, title, and description need to be used for a specific listing.

In this article, we will discuss where and how details like price/title/description can be stored and how they can be used.

Price/Title/Description by channel for a specific subsource

The price/title/description by channel for a specific subsource is stored in My Inventory > Product Details > Listing Descriptions:

pricetitledescbychannel 1

Storing these details for each subsource individually allows you to have different values for different channels and subsources.

For eBay you can use one subsource for selling on different marketplaces (,,,, and so on) - and prices/titles/descriptions for the same SKU can be different for different countries/marketplaces. For this reason, automatic eBay price updates only work where the country-specific code has been added as part of the subsource in the Listing Price, e.g. EBAY0_UK or EBAY0_FR. EBAY0 without the country suffix will not work for automatic price updates.

Please Note! Starting July 10th, 2019, the eBay subsource name in Linnworks is saved differently for new integrations. eBay channel integrations that were created before this date have been created as EBAY1, EBAY2 etc - and new integrations created after this date will have the eBay User ID saved as a subsource. Apart from this, everything works in the exact same way as it used to - you can check the subsource name in Settings > Channel Integrations > Subsource column.

If there is a price/title/description for a specific subsource, then this price/title/description will have the first priority when creating a listing and will be used for that subsource.

Default Price/Title/Description

The Default price/title/description by channel is also stored in My Inventory > Product Details > Listing Descriptions. When using a Default price/title/description, the source and subsource are not specified.

pricetitledescbychannel 2

If there is only a Default price/title/description added in the Listing Description tab, then this default price/title/description will be used for all channels which do not have details specified for a specific subsource.

General tab details

If the item does not have a price/title/description by channel for a specific subsource and default price/title/description details, then the system will pick up details stored in the General tab:

pricetitledescbychannel 3

To sum up

When creating a listing template, the system picks up the price/title/description automatically from the Product Details based on priority, top to bottom:

  1. Price/title/description by channel for a specific subsource
    • eBay: EBAY0_UK (linnsystems_UK) - if there is a price for a specific subsource with the country suffix, then this price will always have priority for this subsource and marketplace ( in our example).
    • Other channels: subsource (AMAZON UK) - if there is a price for a specific subsource, then this price will be used for that subsource.
  2. Default price/title/description by channel - will only be used when you create a listing template and when there is no channel-specific price for this subsource as specified in point 1 above.
  3. Price/title/description from the General tab in Product Details will only be used if there are no details added as specified in points 1 and 2.

Please Note!

  • A default, channel-specific or general price/title/description can be added in bulk for all items using an Inventory Import.
  • In order to use Title by Channel and Description by Channelthe item needs to have a listing template in the system.
  • No listing template is required for the Automatic Price Change functionality to work.