Extended Properties vs Default Values

Alongside mapping Extended Property names on listing configurators, you can add Default Values that will be used in the template. In modules where information from Extended Properties can be mapped to an attribute, values from Extended Property will always have a priority over the default value.

  1. If an Extended Property is mapped and a Default Value is also specified, Extended Property value will always take priority over the default value.

  2. If only an Extended Property is mapped and no Default Value is specified, Linnworks will only submit details to the channel for the items with the respective Extended Property added.

  3. If only a Default Value is added to the configurator, Linnworks will submit the specified value to all items listed with the configurator.

  4. If no Extended Property and no Default Value are specified, Linnworks will not send any details to the channel.


Example 1: Configurator > Attributes/Specifications (eBay)

In the Attributes (Specifications on an eBay configurator) section, you can add item specifications to display on the listing. Some attributes are mandatory, depending on the channel specifics.

The attribute/specification Colour is mapped to the Extended Property "Colour" on the configurator and also has a default value "Green".

ep priority1

Linnworks SKU1 has an Extended Property called "Сolour".

ep priority2

 Linnworks SKU2 does not have an Extended Property with that name.

If you create listing templates for these items using this configurator, Linnworks SKU1 will have the "Colour" value pulled from the Extended Property "Colour" and display "Blue" on the listing template.

ep priority3

Linnworks SKU2 will have the "Colour" value picked up from the default value specified in the configurator and display "Green" on the listing template.



Example 2: eBay Configurator > Main Settings > Condition

 When you create a new listing on eBay, you need to specify the item condition.

ep priority5

Linnworks SKU1 has the Extended Property called "Condition" with value "3000" (Used - See Item Condition IDs and Names for eBay for the accepted values).

ep priority6

Linnworks SKU2 does not have an Extended Property with that name.

When listing templates are created with this configurator:

  • Linnworks SKU1 will have the condition "Used" specified in the Extended Property.
  • Linnworks SKU2 will have the condition "New" taken from the default value.


Example 3: eBay Configurator > Shipping > Shipping Services

You can specify available shipping services in the configurator for eBay. Since the shipping price can be different for items listed with this configurator, it can be specified in Extended Properties and mapped in the configurator; or defined as a default value for all SKUs without an Extended Property.

ep priority7

  • Price Default Value column: sets a default shipping price for the service applicable for all items listed with this configurator.
  • Extended Property column: retrieves a shipping cost stored as an Extended Property on the item. If the Extended Property is not present on the item, the default value will be used.

 Linnworks SKU1 has the matching Extended Property with a value of 3.

EP example3

Linnworks SKU2 does not have an Extended Property with that name.

When listings for the SKUs are created with this configurator: 

  • Linnworks SKU1 will have a shipping price of 3 specified in the Extended Property.
  • Linnworks SKU2 will have a shipping price of 4 taken from the default value.