Important! Flubit is currently inactive while going through a large-scale upgrade. We will re-evaluate our integration with Flubit, once they have released further information.

Listing creation on Flubit differs from listing creation on other channels. There is no dedicated listing tool for Flubit, but Linnworks can create listings on this channel using a Custom Export query.


Please note! Before you start setting up this export, please make sure that you have your FTP credentials and InventoryQueryNet.sql Query – these will be supplied via email by your Integration Consultant.

To create the export:

  1. Go to Settings > Export Data > +Add Scheduled Export
  2. On the Export Configuration screen enter the name of the export as Flubit Inventory and select Custom type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Copy and paste the custom code from the InventoryQueryNet.sql (received in the email)
    • (Important note: The InventoryQueryNet.sql query will only send out the UPC or barcode number as our product identifier. At Flubit we also accept the EAN, GTIN, ASIN and MPN. If you supply an MPN, Flubit will require the product Brand per SKU in the file export as identifiers. Please amend the query to include the other identifiers if you have these stored.
  4. On the File Location screen select FTP method from the drop-down menu and enter the details:


    • Method: FTP
    • Server: ftp://flubdrop.info
    • User name & Password: individual FTP username and password credentials that were sent via email by your assigned Integration Consultant. If you have not received these, please get in touch with Flubit.
    • File name: inventory.csv
    • The File address should read – ftp://flubdrop.info:21/inventory.csv
  5. The next step is column mapping. Tick Export Headers, select comma (,) in the Delimeter drop-down menu, and select quotes in the Escape field. Make sure that the columns Column and File Column are identical.  flubit2
  6. Set up a schedule for the export. Flubit recommends setting a recurring schedule that updates your inventory on Flubit at least once a day. Please inform Flubit about the chosen time.
  7. Click Save to complete export configuration, enable the export and click Run Now to manually send the feed to your FTP location.