Listing Templates

A template serves as a base for listing control and hosts details for SKUs that were selected for listing creation. In this page, you will find links to documentation on listing templates for all available listing tools and the general description of available buttons and columns in the configurators module.


ebay template3

  • Process: select one or more templates and click Process to update or list them all in one go.
  • Match: click to search the channel's catalog for each item, using the item's EPID, MPN, or GTIN barcode. 
  • Duplicate: select an existing template and then click the Duplicate button to make a copy of that template.
  • Delete: click to delete the template. More information here.
  • End Listing: click to close the listing on the channel, the template will remain in Linnworks.
  • Settings: here you can select which columns you would like to view on your template.
    • An alternative to this is right-clicking on the header. Scrolling to the bottom of this menu reveals two additional options:
      • Force Fit Columns: tick to resize the columns so that they fit within the browser window without a scrollbar
      • Restore to default: revert all custom changes and restore the default view

ebay template2