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Linnworks Mobile is designed to work with a mobile scanner and can be accessed with Linnworks credentials by any user who has relevant permissions defined in Log in to on your device and click lwmobile settings2 to access the Linnworks Mobile menu:

For additional advice check our Solution Centre guides that can help to answer your questions.

Linnworks Mobile feature is not meant to use a smartphone as a scanning device. It was meant to be used for certain handheld scanner models, the settings of which do not activate the Enter function as soon as something is scanned. In this case, the scan entry field would become available for users to type in their SKUs or barcodes into the interface manually.

Below is a summary of the minimum requirements for a scanner to be compatible with Linnworks:

  • The native application available in Google Play Store requires Android 6 or up. Scanners with a lower version of Android can still access Linnworks Mobile using
  • We recommend using Linnworks Mobile with scanners that have a screen size of at least 5 inches. Using scanners with smaller screens may not give you the best experience. 
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Recommend 4G/5G connectivity for back up in poor Wi-Fi zones

Due to the amount of hardware out on the market Linnworks is not able to recommend a specific scanner, as we would need to have tested each one personally in a live environment.

Note! Linnworks Mobile is connected to your account. Changes that you make in Linnworks Mobile will be reflected in account.