Order Despatch

Mobile Order Despatch is designed for the new Open Orders screen to make order processing fast and easy. With a few clicks, you can print an invoice, shipping label, and mark the order as processed from the mobile scanner. To use mobile Order Despatch:

  1. Configure rules to define how the system should work with orders that you process in Linnworks > Settings > General Settings > Order Settings.
  2. Select a Printing Zone.
  3. Despatch orders.

To start processing orders, log in to the mobile app and go to Settings > Despatch. Scan your first order by order ID, SKU, Binrack, barcode (or any other product identifier), pickwave ID, or TOTE. In the new screen, you can see order details, edit shipping and packaging details, print invoices and shipping labels. 


  • invoice not printed tap to print invoice. When printed, the symbol changes its background invoice printed
  • label not printed tap to print a shipping label. When printed, the symbol changes its background label printed

Note! This is how the order will be displayed in the Despatch screen if you are using directional pickwaves and tray picking:

Destpatch withtrays

Lock In Search

When searching by pickwave or TOTE ID, the Despatch screen includes a 2-stage search option. The option is enabled for all users by default but can be disabled per user in mobile Settings.

Scanning or entering a  pickwave or TOTE ID in the search field will lock in the search result limiting any subsequent searches and scans to orders within only the locked in pickwave or TOTE.

The locked-in pickwave or TOTE ID will display as a banner on the header. Clicking on the banner will display all orders within the pickwave or TOTE. To clear the locked-in search term, click on the "X" on the header next to the ID.

2 stage message

Every user will get a notification about the search term being locked in when using this for the first time. The message will only pop up until it gets dismissed by the user. Once it has been dismissed, it will not display again. The pop-up message can be re-enabled per user in mobile Settings.

Editing orders from the Despatch Console

Tap edit order v3 to view or edit order weight, tracking number, shipping and packaging details:

Despatch withtrays1

Please note! As soon as the shipping label is printed it is not possible to edit order details from the mobile application.

Once ready, process the order by tapping the Process button and scan the next order. If a Pickwave ID was scanned, then the next order from the pickwave will be opened automatically until all orders are despatched.

Helpful videos