Print Zones

Print Zones were designed to allow printing documents such as invoices and shipping labels from a mobile scanner that the user carries around the warehouse. Configuring print zones is a way of defining which printer should be used for each document.

Print zones are used in conjunction with Virtual Printer. Before defining print zones, please make sure that all your printers are installed as a virtual printers.

How to configure Print Zone?

Go to Settings > General Settings > Print Settings > Print Zone. Type in Zone Code, give it a name and click +.

Print Zones

To edit a Print Zone, click edit Print Zone - you will see Shipping Integration Overrides at the top and Template Designer Overrides at the bottom

Configure Print Zone Overrides

Similar to Linnworks User Overrides, where override is connected to a user, Print Zone Overrides are connected to a specific area or a despatch station. If no overrides are configured, printing documents will be sent to a printer as if you would normally print them from Linnworks.

Once overrides are set, click Save. Now log in to the mobile application, click lwmobile printing2png  and select the print zone that you would like to use.

lwmobile printing3