Stock Count

A manual stock count is done to make sure that Linnworks correctly displays the actual number of items in the warehouse. The Linnworks Stock Count tool allows you to:

  • Find out if there are any discrepancies between your actual stock and records in the system.
  • Update your stock levels after the manual stock count.
  • View all differences and download reports.

Stock Count works with regular locations, WMS locations, simple and batched itemsPlease note! A mobile device with a scanner is required to perform stock count in Linnworks. 

There are some additional settings for Stock Count in > Settings > General Settings > Linnworks Mobile.

To demonstrate how to use the Stock Count tool, let's perform a count for a few test items:

Step 1. Mobile Version

  • Log in to the mobile app to scan items
  • Count the physical items at the location
  • Input the amount into the mobile app
  • Submit new data to Linnworks

Step 2. The Stock Count screen

  • Review details in the Stock Count screen in Linnworks 
  • Download report

Mobile application

The stock count itself is performed from the mobile application. To access Stock Count on the mobile app, please log in to with your Linnworks credentials and select lwmobile stock count8. When you are logged in to the mobile app you will see stock level details for the location that is selected in Settings > General Settings > General > My Location. By default, you will get to the Count tab where you can start performing stock count for your items. Any time you can select the Counted tab to view which items you have already counted.

lwmobile stock count1

  • Count screen: scan your items here.
  • Counted screen: view items already scanned.

Scan your first item by barcode, SKU, product identifier or bin/rack.

Please note! Linnworks Mobile is connected to your account. Changes that you make in Linnworks Mobile Stock Count will be reflected in and will influence your stock levels, therefore, please be aware of the following behaviour:
  1. The mobile application will save the items in a cache on the device until the user clicks the submit button (or enables the setting to submit immediately on count). The cache is user-based. If User A performs stock count and doesn't submit them; then User B when logs in will not see the items pending submission by User A. It is very important to be careful when multiple people are performing stock counts and not regularly submitting them.
  2. Linnworks Stock Count persist the cache of counted items across logins. If a user gets logged out, the counted items will remain once the user logs back in for 24 hours.
  3. If a user managed to double count a single item (or batch inventory), Linnworks will submit the one that was counted most recently by that user.

Simple items vs batched items

When the first item is scanned, its details (SKU, image, bin/rack and current stock level) will appear on the screen. Note that in order to see the current stock level on the screen the Show Expected Quantity setting needs to be enabled in Settings. For batched items, you will see additional batch details, and every single batch needs to be counted individually.

lwmobile stock count2

Click on the item to get to the count screens, swipe to the left to find one that is most convenient for you to use.

Please note! There is a maximum number of 1000 items in a single count submission. 

Count screens

At the top of each screen, you will see bin/rack (BIN112 in the example below), SKU (PANDY_CARAMEL), batch number (123456) and the amount of this SKU that you have already scanned (81). If for some reason you lose internet connection and get logged out from the mobile app, the system will remember which items were already scanned, and you will be able to continue after logging back in.

  • Keypad screenlwmobile stock count3

Manually input the number of items you counted and click OK to continue.

  • Box count screenlwmobile stock count4

This screen is useful if you keep your items in boxes. In the Qty in box field, specify how many items you keep in one box. You can do it either using the + and - buttons or clicking the field with the number between + and - and entering the amount manually. In the Boxes field, add the number of the boxes that you have counted. This way, Linnworks will calculate the total quantity for you, much like a calculator would. The Add Quantity field will show the total amount (Quantity in box * the amount of Boxes). Click + or - in the Add Quantity field to adjust the count and click OK to continue.

  • Scanning screenlwmobile stock count5

Scan each item and the system will record the number of scans. In the Qty per scan field, you can increase/decrease the number of items to be counted per one scan with the + and - buttons. This can be helpful if you have large volumes of the same SKU.

Submit all counts

When all stock is counted, click Submit All Counts to submit updated levels to Linnworks.

Please note! If there are any discrepancies between stock levels that you have in the system and what was counted - clicking Submit All Counts will overwrite details that are currently in the system with the latest count details.

Let's look at the example where we counted stock levels for t-shirts of different sizes:

lwmobile stock count6

SKU T-SH-L-Red: 

  • Current Stock in Linnworks: 20 item
  • New count: 21 items
  • Difference: 1 extra item
  • Result: once you click Submit All Counts, Linnworks will have 21 items for SKU T-SH-L-Red.


  • Current Stock in Linnworks: 52
  • New count: 52
  • Difference: no difference
  • Result: once you click Submit All Counts, Linnworks will still have 52 items for SKU T-SH-M-Red


  • Current Stock in Linnworks: 39 items
  • New count: 38
  • Difference: 1 item missing
  • Result: once you click Submit All Counts, Linnworks will have 38 items for SKU T-SH-S-Red.

Please note! The Current Stock in Linnworks will be shown only if this setting is enabled in > Settings > General Setting > Linnworks Mobile.

Stock count with lost and find

When counting items in a bin rack you may come across a situation when you didn't find some of the items or there might be some extra items available which were not logged in it before. To fix this, you can use the lost and find option.

Please note! This function is available for WMS locations only.


Go to the Stock Count screen in your mobile app and scan a bin rack you are counting stock in. You will be presented with the list of items that are currently stored in the scanned bin rack. If one of the items is not available in the actual bin rack in your warehouse you can swipe the item left and lost the count that is currently available in the system.


This same way you can confirm the quantity if the count is correct.


If you found some extra items that you need to log in the bin rack you are counting, scan the bin rack and then scan the item. Once scanned, you will see that the item is not logged as being in this bin rack.


To add a record tap the item, specify the quantity you've counted and click Update Quantity. Go to the Counted tab and click Submit All Counts.

Locked stock

When the stock is a part of a stock move that is in transit or has been allocated to orders by generating a pickwave, it will be locked in the Stock Count screen meaning you won't be able to count it. Note that this is applicable to WMS locations only. In the mobile application you will see the following indication that the stock is locked:


As soon as a stock move or a pickwave are completed you will be able to count the remaining stock to make sure the data is accurate.

The Stock Count screen in Linnworks

To access the Stock Count screen in Linnworks, go to Inventory > Stock Count. This screen is a management screen where you can view detailed records of the stock count sessions performed by users, including all the discrepancies for stock levels and stock value. These details can be exported in a CSV file.

stock cont navigation

Filter: use predefined date selection (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This month, Last month) or set the range manually in the calendar provided. Another option is to use a grouping method with several available options:

  • Bin/rack: select an exact or partial Bin/Rack match to return stock counts associated with them.
  • SKU: select an exact or partial SKU match to return stock counts associated with them.
  • Counts: select count types:
    • Include Negative Discrepancy
    • Include Positive Discrepancy
    • Include No Change Discrepancy

Location drop-down menu: use this option to change the Stock Count screen to show stock counts at a different location. Stock Count is supported in both ordinary Linnworks Locations and WMS Locations.

Export button: click to download Stock Count report as a CSV file.

Stock Count Header: a stock count header with a record for every single day that stock count was done. It contains a date, discrepancy for stock levels, discrepancy for stock value.

  • past days cannot be edited Closed stock count header. At the end of the day, the stock count is closed, and no other adjustments can be done to it.
  • current day open stock count Open stock count header for the current day. 
  • click an arrow to see details for the day Click the arrow to view detailed information about the stock count sessions done by a user.

 Discrepancy: at the bottom of the screen, you have two types of discrepancies:

  • Total Discrepancy: discrepancy for the whole selected time period.
  • Filtered Discrepancy: (available if filters are used) discrepancy for a selected filter only.