Stock Item View Details

The Stock Item View Details screen was designed to allow users to review product details that are available in the My Inventory screen and let you update the details like weight, postage definition, bin rack, etc if necessary. 

Note! Linnworks Mobile is connected to your account. Changes that you make in Linnworks Mobile will be reflected in the account.

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How to view stock item details in mobile

Step 1: Opening the screen

To access the Stock Item View Details screen, click the search icon in the top right-hand corner.


Type or scan the SKU or barcode of an item in the search box and click the search icon. The search works both with exact and partial search terms.
  • Exact: you know either the exact Linnworks item number (SKU) or the barcode of the item that you are searching for. Once you've searched for the SKU or barcode, the specific item will be displayed on the screen: 
    search forSKU
  • Partial: you can type in or scan part of the SKU or barcode and click search. All items that contain the information you searched for will be displayed on the screen. You can then select the specific item you need: 
    partial search

Step 3: Viewing item details

When using this screen in the mobile app, you can view the same details that are available in My Inventory in In order to view the details, tap the required section like General, Images, etc. to expand it. If you need to go back, tap the section once again and tap the next one you need to review.   

StockItem view

Step 4: Editing item details

There are some details that you can edit from the mobile app. The fields that can be edited in the Stock Item View Details screen, will have a pencil icon available. For example, dimensions in the Postage Definition tab:

Dimensions editmobile

Type in the new details to have them saved as item product details in My Inventory.

It is also possible to edit a bin rack of an item for non-WMS location. Open the Inventory tab and tap the current bin rack the item is stored in. In the pop-up, search for a new bin rack and click Select Bin rack.

Update binrack

Info! Check the following video for additional advice on how to move stock using Linnworks mobile.