Stock Move

Mobile Stock Move was designed to allow users to log stock movement that takes place in WMS locations quickly and easily. Use this screen when you are working in your warehouse and you need to move stock from one bin rack to another right away. You can also pre-book moves in the WMS screen in and then have your warehouse staff action these moves from the Linnworks mobile app when needed.

NB! Stock Move is a part of WMS functionality and cannot be used to log stock movement in regular locations.

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Make sure that you've selected the WMS location in Settings > General > Current Stock Location.

WMSmobilelocation v3

Otherwise, the following error message will be returned if you try to use Stock Move for a regular location.

WMSlocation error

Completing a stock move

In order to create and complete a stock move in Linnworks mobile, please follow the step below:

Step 1

Tap the menu lwmobile settings2 icon and go to the Stock Move StockMovemobile screen. At the bottom of the screen tap the plus icon.

Stockmove plus

Step 2

Use the search field to scan or enter:

  • SKU: when scanning or entering a SKU, the list of all bin racks that this item is stored in will be displayed. You can then select a bin rack that you need to move the stock from.
  • Bin rack: when scanning or entering a bin rack, the list of all items stored in this bin rack will be displayed. You can then select an item that you need to move from this bin rack.


Once the search is completed, go through the list and tap the item/bin rack you need to complete the move for.

Step 3

Option 1

Use the + and - icons to adjust the quantity and click the In transit button.

Stockmmove intransit

You can find this move later in the In transit stab and complete it from there.


Option 2

In the pop-up, tap the question mark icon to search for a new bin rack. Select the new bin rack by tapping it and tap the Select button.

WMSbinselect v2

Step 4

Use the + and - icons to adjust the quantity and tap the Complete Move button.


The move is now successfully completed. You will also see the following indicator on the screen, confirming that the stock has been moved.


Booking moves in the WMS screen

The WMS screen allows you to book stock moves in which can be completed by your warehouse employees using the mobile application. It is the recommended approach when you need to replenish picking bin racks or just optimize the stock storage. You can open the Warehouse Replenishment screen, check if there is any stock to be moved, book stock moves, and instruct your employees to action moves from Linnworks mobile when necessary.

Step 1.1

To book stock moves, go to the WMS screen and search for the required bin rack/item. Then, click the move movearrows icon to open the Stock Move screen for the selected item:

WMSstockmove book

Step 1.2

In the Stock Move screen, specify the following details: 

  1. Move quantity: the quantity of an item that you want to move from this bin rack into a new one.
  2. User: the user that will perform this move in your warehouse.
  3. Destination: the new bin rack that the stock needs to be moved into:
    • Select the bin rack in the destination section and click Book - in this case, your employee will see which bin rack they need to put items into.
    • Click Book without a bin rack selected - in this case, your employee will need to select a bin rack on the mobile application when moving the item.
Step 1.3

When all details are specified, click the Book button.

Note! Make sure you use the Book button and not the Book&Complete one which will complete the move straight away without notifying the responsible employee in the warehouse.

Step 2. Complete moves from the Linnworks mobile app

Now that you've booked the necessary stock moves in the WMS screen, one of your warehouse employees can pick up moves assigned to them in the mobile app and complete them on the spot.

Step 2.1

Open Linnworks mobile and go to the Stock Move screen. In the screen select one of the two tabs:

  • My Moves: displays moves assigned to the logged-in user.
  • All Moves: displays all moves.
    Stockmovescreen v2

Both tabs also subtabs that separate stock moves depending on their stages:

  • Open: shows active stock moves that are awaiting to be picked up.
  • In transit: means that the stock is currently being moved in the warehouse.
  • All: all moves that haven't been completed yet. 

Open and In transit tabs correspond to the move state that you can see in the Moves Management screen in


Step 2.2

Select the required move and proceed with the steps described above.

Deleting a stock move

You may come across a situation when you need to delete some of the pre-booked stock moves. For example, someone has been working on stock replenishment and booked some extra moves that were actually already completed in the warehouse.

To delete a stock move, find this move in the Stock Move and swipe it left.

stockmove delete v2

You can now tap the Delete button to remove the stock move from the system. Any stock that was reserved for this move will be added back to the original bin rack.

Info! Check the following video for additional advice on how to move stock using Linnworks mobile.