Warehouse Replenishment

Mobile Warehouse Replenishment allows you to promptly detect which stock needs to be moved from the storage into the picking bin rack location to ensure there is enough stock on hand to fulfill orders.

NB! Replenishment is a part of WMS functionality and cannot be used to log stock movement in regular locations.

To replenish picking bin racks from Linnworks mobile please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Warehouse Replen screen

Tap the menu burger icon and go to the Replen StockReplen screen that displays the list of SKUs that you need to move from the storage into picking bin rack locations:

Replen screen

On the screen, you can review the following item details before replenishing it:

  • SKU: Linnworks item number as seen in My Inventory.
  • Title: the title of an item as seen in My Inventory.
  • Image: the item's primary image if one exists.

There are also three replenish indicators displayed for each item:

Replen indicators

  • Grey: it is the daily average consumption of the SKU.
  • Green: how many items you need to fulfil orders.
  • Orange: the number of items to move from storage into picking bin racks.

Step 2: Select the item

Go through the list and tap the item you are going to replenish. In the pop-up, you can tap Details to open the section with full item details:

Replen itemdetails v2

  • Daily consumption: how many items are shipped per day on average.
  • In order: the quantity that is currently in open orders.
  • In transit: how many SKUs are currently being moved between different bin racks.
  • Pickable: how many SKUs are available in picking bin racks.
  • Non-pickable: the quantity in all bin racks, except for those in pickable ones.
  • Fulfil orders: In Orders - (Pickable + In Transit) = (Fulfil orders).
  • Full replenish: (Consumption * Days) - ((Pickable + In Transit) - In Orders) = (Fulfil orders).

These details match the details available in the Warehouse Replenishment screen in Linnworks.net.

Step 3: Select the bin rack

Under the Details section, you will be provided with the list of all binracks that this SKUs is stored in at the moment. Tap Show All to see the full list of available bin racks:

Replen binracks

Tap the bin rack that you would like to use the stock from to replenish picking bin rack locations.

Step 4: Book or complete the move

Add the replenishment quantity and swipe the orange button left or right to switch between Book Move and Complete Move buttons:

Replen stockmove

  • Book Move: will book a move in the Stock Move screen that can be completed later by your warehouse staff. Please see how to complete stock moves in Linnworks mobile here.
  • Complete Move: will move the stock from storage into a picking bin rack straight away.

Note! You can change the bin rack location that you need to replenish before completing the move.

Replen bin

To do so, tap it and search for a new bin rack location in the pop-up. You can search by a bin rack name only. 

Replen binracksearch

Info! Check the following video for additional information on how to replenish the stock using Linnworks mobile.