Linnworks Order Management

One of the core functions of Linnworks is order management (fulfillment and shipping of orders). The system features a complete order management cycle from an order, printing invoice and marking it as shipped, which is capable of downloading orders automatically from many different channels (eBay, Amazon, Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, and other websites), merge the orders with payment files and follow up on the sale (where the facility exists). One of the unique features of the system is the ability to link order management to your inventory control i.e. whenever the order is placed and processed the stock level will be modified accordingly and then pushed back to all of the other channels that you sell the same item on, therefore reducing the risk of overselling

Key Concepts

Fundamental concepts that will help to ease the understanding of order management in Linnworks

Open Orders

All new orders, once downloaded will be in Orders > Open Orders ready for the user to process

Processed Orders

After processing an order it will leave Open Orders and will be available in Processed Orders 


  • Orders can be downloaded automatically from eBay/PayPal, Amazon Seller Central, and many more selling venues
  • Orders can be loaded into the system from CSV (comma delimited file) import
  • Orders can be raised in the system directly (telephone sale)
  • All orders are initially placed in Open Orders where the system treats all downloaded/imported orders as new orders, irrespective of whether they are marked on your selling channel as shipped/dispatched. For website integration, the system will download only orders with specific status i.e. unprocessed orders.
  • Open Order must be processed within to allow the system to update the selling channel to mark it shipped. Process in the context of Order Management means fulfilling the order packing the ordered items, printing labels, printing invoices, and shipping it.
  • Once you Processed an order it is assumed you have packed, printed everything you needed for the order, and shipped it.
  • When an order is processed it will be moved to Processed Orders
  • You cannot un-process an order (i.e. revert its status to put it back in the order book). However, you can resend the order or return it.
  • Once the order is processed the system can submit shipping information to eBay, Amazon or mark orders as shipped on your website automatically during the next synchronization