Order management in Linnworks is a seamless process allowing you to manage and control the entire life cycle of your orders from printing shipping labels to sending the tracking and despatch information back to the selling channel. 

The features Linnworks offers for order management enable you to quickly download orders from many different channels, fully control stock, manage orders, despatch orders, complete post-order actions, etc. Learn about Linnworks order management functionalities in this and our other documentation.

Orders v5

Key Features

Below is a list of key features available in Linnworks for effective order management and stock control. 

Feature               Description

Save orders into one centralized platform

Fully control inventory

  • Fully control stock levels. Stock levels get updated automatically when an order is received and processed from Linnworks. The system sends the new stock to all channels that you sell the same item on, reducing the risk of overselling.

Manage and process orders from one place

  • All new orders are saved in Open OrdersBy default, Linnworks downloads orders that are in a certain status on the channel itself - mostly open (unshipped) and paid. Some channel integrations have extra conditions and can allow you to select other statuses to download - e.g. unpaid orders.
  • Use the Open Orders screen to complete all order-related actions: viewing, editing, printing, merging or splitting, picking, packing, shipping, canceling, etc.
  • Process open orders from Linnworks to allow the system to update orders on the selling channel with the status shipped
  • All processed orders are moved to the Processed Orders screen.
  • You cannot unprocess an order (i.e. revert its status to open) but you can resend, return or exchange it.

Despatch orders on different channels at once

  • Submit shipping information to eBay, Amazon, any other selling marketplace, or mark orders as shipped on your personal website automatically through Linnworks orders sync.

Perform any post-order actions

  • Make use of Linnworks to complete any post-order actions: review order details, process refunds, returns, exchanges, or resends, reprint invoices and shipping labels, add notes to shipped orders.

To learn more about order management in Linnworks, see our Key Concepts documentation and all further guides.