Dispatch Console

In Linnworks.net, the Dispatch Console is used to make the process of marking orders as dispatched fast and easy. In cooperation with a USB barcode scanner and the Linnworks Picking and Packing Lists, it can improve the efficiency of the process, allowing more work to be done in a given period.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Dispatch Console

Dispatch console can be accessed in two ways:

  • From the Order Book Menu, opening as it's own tab
  • From within Open Orders, opening over the Open Orders screen as a window

About the Dispatch Console

There are a number of ways to dispatch orders in Linnworks. It can be done through the open order screen, but depending on your workflow, the dispatch console can provide additional functionality. Dispatch Console is greatly enhanced by using a barcode scanner, so that information does not have to be entered by hand.

When used in conjunction with User Accounts and security functionality of Linnworks.net, access to the dispatch console can be restricted to certain groups or individual members of staff.

The dispatch console has 3 tabs that work in slightly different ways to dispatch orders, which are described in the in the sections: By Order Id, Batch Process by Order Id and By Item Barcode.

Dispatch Console Options

Please note that there are two sets of options that may have an impact on how the dispatch console functions. Clicking the name of the settings groups in the following list will open documentation relating to those settings.

Scanning Barcodes for Data Entry

In order to scan items into the dispatch console, the Linnworks Order Id, barcode or order item SKU needs to be in barcode format. It is possible to have these items printed on templates, such as the pick list or invoice by creating a Label Element and using the barcode option in the edit window.  

It should be noted that it is not a requirement to use a hand scanner in the dispatch console. Although this guide refers to scanning barcodes, all search boxes can be used by typing in the relevant Order Id or Item Barcode.

View Selection

Changing this value will change the orders that can be searched. For instance, assigning orders to a folder such as "Priority Orders" and then limiting the view in the dispatch console to the appropriate folder will reduce the amount of orders that can be searched. This may be particularly useful if it is common to dispatch orders by searching for the item SKU.

By Order ID

To process an Order in Dispatch Console via this tab, a document is required with either the Linnworks Order number or Channel Reference number shown as a barcode. This could be an Invoice, or a Packing list so that when the member of staff has packed the items, they can use the Dispatch Console to select and process the order. Invoices or packing lists are printed in the Open Orders screen.

  1. Scan the Linnworks Order number or Channel Reference number into the Search Box
  2. If your Barcode Scanner doesn't trigger the Search, you can click on the Search button
  3. If the order is not found, you will receive an error message. This could be because the Order is already processed, the number is incorrect, or it is excluded because you selected a View.
  4. If the order is found, then the Process Order window will open
  5. The top row of the Process Order window allows confirmation that the correct order has been selected. It displays the Order Number, the Reference Number and the channel the order was received from. If these are incorrect, the scanned document should be checked. It also confirms if the order is marked as Paid or Unpaid
  6. The main section offers confirmation of the order details and contents. Shipping and Packing can be edited here, and Tracking Numbers entered manually if necessary. Double click the Address box to view and edit the address.
  7. The lower section of the window has 3 buttons. It allows the Printing of the Invoice, the Shipping Label (If the Shipping Label is not embedded in the invoice), and marking the order as Processed.
  8. The order should not be Processed until the details are confirmed, the shipping label is printed and tacking number added (if applicable). The Order cannot be amended after processing.

Batch Process by Order ID

In this section, when either a Linnworks Order number or Channel Reference number is scanned in and searched for, it is also marked as Processed. This removes the checking step and assumes that the Order has been confirmed outside of the Dispatch Console.

This tab is similar in function to the By Order Id tab, with the exception that when an order is found, it is automatically processed. This means that invoices and tracking numbers can no longer be printed and the order cannot be edited. As orders cannot be unprocessed, this functionality should be used with caution.


  1. Nevertheless, when an order contains an item that is linked to a Linnworks Inventory item with the 'Scan serial number when processing orders' option selected a pop-up screen will be displayed requiring you to scan/enter the serial numbers so they are logged with the order. Once all serial numbers are scanned/entered the order will automatically process with no further interaction required 
  2. If the Item is a batched item, the scenario would be similar.  When an order contains an item that is linked to a batched stock item with the 'Scan Batch Number when processing orders' option selected a pop-up screen will be displayed requiring you to scan/enter the Batch numbers that are being dispatched so they are logged with the order. Once all batch numbers have been scanned/entered the order will automatically process with no further interaction required 

By Item Barcode

While By Order ID and Batch Process by Order ID are order-oriented methods, By Item Barcode is used to find an order that contains the item scanned. This can only work if all the items in the Linnworks Inventory have had their Barcode/EAN/ISBN details entered and saved in the barcode field. The caveat to this is the option in the General Settings that allows for order item SKUs to be matched if the barcode entered was not found, which is not enabled by default.

  1. Before entering/scanning the Barcode, select the sort method for the results from the drop down menu
  2. If the option Procced to processing after scanning is enabled, Linnworks will open the Process Order window with the first order in the Search list open in it
    • The Process Order window gains a Skip button to move to the next item in the list and choose the order to mark as Processed
  3. If the Process first one only option is enabled, the Skip button isn't offered in the Process Order window, only the first order in the Search results is available to process
  4. If the Barcode is not stored in the Linnworks Inventory, an error will be returned
  5. With neither option enabled, searching for a Barcode produces a list of orders containing the item, if any. The Dispatch Console window offers the option to Process the highlighted order, or process all those returned by the search