New Open Orders

The Open Orders module in Linnworks offers advanced functionality for managing and controlling the entire life cycle of your orders from printing shipping labels to sending the tracking and despatch information back to the selling channel.

OpenOrders v2

What Is an Open Order in Linnworks?

In Linnworks, an open order stands for an unshipped (unprocessed) order.

There are three types of open orders:

  1. Channel orders: orders downloaded from selling channels, like:
  2. Direct orders: orders created directly in Linnworks manually.
  3. Imported orders: added to Linnworks in bulk via import.

Channel Orders

Once the selling channel is integrated, orders from that marketplace will start downloading into Linnworks automatically, based on your channel settings.

The system downloads all the information (customer details, postal details, the amount paid, order items, notes, etc.) and creates a new order in the Open Orders screen. Such orders have an identifier of the channel.

OpenOrders channel v2

Direct Orders

An open order can be created directly in the Open Orders screen. In this case, all the details must be entered manually. Such orders have a DIRECT order identifier. More details on creating and editing direct orders here

OpenOrders direct v2

Imported Orders

Direct orders can be added to Linnworks in bulk via import. For example, when a sales channel is unavailable as a direct channel integration. Such orders have DATAIMPORTEXPORT as a source. More details about importing orders here.


The Open Orders Screen

All new orders are saved in Orders > Open Orders. In this screen, you can use different tools to match your current workflow and do all the necessary routines: picking, packing, printing shipping labels and invoices, sending emails, processing, canceling, etc. For full guidance on all these tools and how to use them, see the specified documentation.


NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here.