Open Orders: Managing Orders

The Open Orders module provides loads of tools that enable you to match your current workflow of order management and let your staff complete all the necessary routines: picking, packing, printing shipping labels and invoices, sending emails, processing, canceling, etc. All these actions can be applied to orders individually and to a certain number of orders in one go (in bulk).

OpenOrders actions v2

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Getting orders into Linnworks


Once the selling channel is integrated, channel orders will start being downloaded to the Open Orders screen automatically based on the channel settings.


Orders can also be added to Linnworks via Open Order Imports or created manually as DIRECT orders.

Working with orders in Linnworks

All orders in the Open Orders screen can be viewed and edited by either double-clicking on the order or selecting View Order from the Actions or right-click menu. All other actions like printing, processing, canceling, etc can be done directly from the Open Orders screen using the Actions button, right-click menu, or custom Hot Buttons.

Orders location

Open orders can be assigned to warehouses as well as fulfillment centers (FC). Initially, all of your orders are downloaded to the Default location. If you need orders from a specific channel to be downloaded to another location, then you can change this in Settings > Channel Integration > Location Mapping > Order download location. 

In the top right-hand corner of the Open Orders screen, you can see the location that you are currently working with. To switch between locations, open the drop-down menu, and select the required location.

Assigning an order to a location

Open orders are saved to a location based on the channel's Order download location settings. You can also move orders manually to another location or fulfillment center in the Open Orders screen. 

Note! Once an order has been moved to a fulfillment center (FC), it cannot be moved back to another location (including the original one). 

See more information on how to move orders between locations here.

Processing an order from a location

When assigning an order to a location, it affects the stock in that location. The available stock in Linnworks is the current stock level deducted by the number of items reserved for open orders. In order to reflect this stock change on other sales channels, make sure that Sync inventory from locations in the channel configuration is set accordingly.


For full guidance on all the actions that can be done on open orders to match your current workflow, see the specified documentation:


NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here.