Open Orders: How to Cancel

Canceling an order in Linnworks changes the status of the order to CANCELLED and moves it from Open Orders to the Processed Orders screen. 

CancelledOrder v2

To cancel an order in Linnworks:

  • The order must be open.
  • The order cannot be parked.
  • The order cannot be locked.

Once you cancel the order, any stock that has been reserved for the order will become available for purchase again. The same logic applies for orders containing batched items - any reserved stock becomes available in the corresponding batch.

Canceling an order

Take the steps below when you need to cancel an open order(s):

  1. Go to Orders > Open Orders.
  2. Select the order(s).
  3. Click Actions. Alternatively, right-click the order(s).
  4. Select Other actions > Cancel the order.
  5. Confirm the cancellation by clicking Yes in the warning pop-up.
  6. Tick Send cancellation note to the channel if you want Linnworks to cancel the order on the channel.
  7. Add an internal note if required. For example, it can be a reason for the cancellation.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The system will now offer you to create a full refund as part of the cancellation.
  10. Click Yes to proceed and create the refund.
  11. The refund booking is added to the Actionable Refunds tab from where you can view, action, or delete it.
Note! If you are canceling several orders in bulk the steps above need to be completed for each selected order.


Canceling an order in Linnworks does not automatically cancel the order on the channel it was created on. This needs to be done externally to Linnworks. Exceptions are channels that support order cancellations:

For the cancellation note to be sent to the channel, the Order Cancellations setting needs to be enabled in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit Channel > Order.


NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here.