Open Orders: The Screen Overview

The Open Orders screen offers advanced functionality for managing and controlling the entire life cycle of your orders from printing shipping labels to sending the tracking and despatch information back to the selling channel.


Go to Orders > Open Orders to access the screen. There you can view and work with:

Use the Search field in the top left-hand corner of the screen to search for specific orders. Type in the search key and click the search search icon to look for open orders in the currently selected view

Note! The search key you are using to look for orders (for example, order Id) needs to be enabled as a field in the View Settings.

OpenOrders search v2

If there are no orders found in the current view, the system will search for orders in other views and in the Processed Orders screen.

Open orders views

An open orders view is a separate tab that you can configure to display orders containing the most relevant information. Use the Views drop-down menu to quickly switch between different open orders views.

OpenOrdersViews v4

At the bottom of the drop-down menu, the Manage views button is available. Click it when you need to access Order View Manager to customize the views. See this guide for more details on how to work with open orders views.


In Linnworks, open orders can be downloaded to and saved in different locations depending on the channel location mapping

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you can see the location that you are currently working with. To switch between locations, open the drop-down menu, and select the required location.

OpenOrders locations v2

The drop-down menu provides the list of all regular locations and WMS locations that you have set up in your account.

Create a new order

Use the New Order NewOrder button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to create open orders in the system manually. Make sure the setting that allows creating direct orders is enabled in the User Permissions screen. Otherwise, this button will be grayed out.

OpenOrders NewOrder v3

More information on how to create and edit open orders manually here.


When one or more orders are selected, the Actions Actions button becomes active and gives you a drop-down menu of all the actions that can be done on an order:

OpenOrders actions v2

You can also select and right-click an order to access the Actions menu. More information on all actions and how to apply them on orders here.


Use the Sync sync button to refresh the currently selected view and have all the latest data displayed on the screen.

Note! Open order views do not refresh automatically.

OpenOrders sync v2

In this section, you can also see how many orders are currently selected, and when the last update of the screen was triggered.


Use the Filters filters button to apply additional temporary filters on the open orders view to quickly find orders that match certain criteria.

OpenOrders filters v2

More information on how to work with quick filters in Open Orders here.

View settings

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click the cog viewsettings icon to open the Editing View screen. A detailed guide on all available view settings and how to work with them can be found here.

OpenOrders viewsettings v2

Orders table

The orders table displays the list of all open orders in the currently selected view. The visual representation of the table and the available columns on the screen will differ depending on the view type (simple or advanced) and the settings on your view

OpenOrders OrdersTable v2

The visible columns also determine which data on the orders can be used as a search key in the search bar.

Order selection

The first column in the columns line is for order selection. Clicking the cells in this column will select the orders on the respective line. When an order is selected, the cell displays a checkmark checkmark. Click the Clear selected link next to the Sync button to deselect orders.

OpenOrders select v2

Clicking the empty cell in the header line acts as a Select All function and selects either all orders in the view or a specified batch of them as set in your View Settings.


In the Open Orders screen, all heavy actions (for example, processing thousands of orders in bulk) run as separate jobs on the background so the screen can still be used for other actions.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you can click the Jobs jobs button to see your bulk order jobs.

OpenOrders Jobs v2

See this guide for more information on how to work with the Jobs screen.

Autosize columns

It is possible to reorder columns in the open orders view by dragging and dropping columns into the required places. You can also manually change the size of the column you are adjusting.

Use the Autosize Columns AutosizeColumns button when you need to revert column sizes to a default size.

OpenOrders AutosizeColumns

Further reading


NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here: