Open Orders: Jobs

In the Open Orders screen, all heavy actions (for example, processing thousands of orders in bulk) run as separate jobs in the background so the screen can still be used for other actions.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you can click the Jobs jobs button to view all the bulk order jobs.

OpenOrders Jobs v2

If there are any jobs completed with errors, the Jobs button will indicate the number of errors - JobsErrors

How to work with the Order Jobs screen

Go to Open Orders and click Jobs to open the screen. In the screen, you can view three sections:

  • Active jobs: order jobs that are currently running in the system.
  • Queued jobs: order jobs that are queued to be run as soon as active jobs are completed.
  • Completed jobs: all completed order jobs in the system:
    • success - means the job was completed successfully. 
    • error 1 - means the job was completed with errors.

OpenOrders OrderJobs

In the Jobs sections you can:

  • Anknowledge: click the button to acknowledge the job's errors.
  • Re run: click the button to re-run the job if needed.
  • Clear: click the button to clear the job. 

Working with jobs

You can open the job to see more details and re-run the job on the selected order(s) if necessary. Click the job to open the Order Job screen.

Completed successfully

In the Order Job screen, you can see the list of orders and if the job has run successfully on those orders. Select the order(s) and click the Run on selected button if you need to re-run the job.

OrderJobs completed v3

Completed with errors

If the job has run and some orders returned errors, those orders will be marked accordingly. In the Message column, you can see the error and how you can fix it. Once fixed, select the order(s) and click Run on selected to re-run the job.

OrderJobs errors

If it is a printing job or any other job that would generate a file, the Download files DownloadFiles button will become available in the Order Job screen.

Further reading


NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here.