Open Orders: Fulfilment Overview

The Fulfilment Overview screen displays details about items in the selected open order, shows open and partial purchase orders (POs) for those items if there are any, and allows to selectively create a PO for the out of stock items. 

FulfilmentOverviewScreen v2

To access the screen, go to Orders > Open Orders and click the fulfillment badge for the required order. 

OpenOrders FilfilmentBadge v2

Note! For the fulfillment badge to be displayed in the open orders table, the fulfillment field needs to be enabled in the View Settings.

FulfilmentField v2

The Fulfilment Overview screen details

In the Fulfilment Overview screen, you can view the following information for the selected order:

OpenOrders FulfillmentOverview v3

  • Order Id: at the top of the screen you can see the Id of the order you are viewing at the moment.
  • Quantity: the quantity of an item in the open order.
  • Item: the title and the SKU of the ordered item.
  • Stock level: total stock level of the item in the order location
  • In orders: the amount of the SKU currently assigned to unprocessed open orders.
  • Available: the available stock level which is calculated as the total stock minus stock reserved for open orders.
  • Due: the number of the SKU that is on order to the current location, either as a result of a Purchase Order or a Warehouse Transfer.

Click the arrow icon to the left of the item to view:

  • PO number: the reference number of the PO. Note that the PO number is a clickable link. Click it to open the Edit Purchase Order screen.
  • Supplier name: the supplier you're purchasing items from. The list of all suppliers can be found on the Suppliers screen.
  • Quantity due: the quantity that is due to be delivered for the item.
  • Due date: the date you expect the PO to be delivered.
  • Status: the status of the PO. 
    • Pending: the status is pending when you initially create a PO. 
    • Open: the status is open once the PO has been finalized and is ready to be sent to the supplier.
    • Partial: the status of the PO is partial when some of the requested items have been delivered but there are still outstanding items awaiting delivery. 

Creating POs from the Fulfilment Overview screen

The Fulfilment Overview screen allows you to select out of stock items from the order and quickly create a PO for those.

To add out of stock items to a PO:

  1. Check the selection box for items you need to order from the supplier. You can check the box at the top which works as select all.
  2. Click the +Add to PO button.
    FulfilmentOverview AddtoPO v2
  3. Go to Selected Items > Assigned Supplier. This will create a PO for the default supplier assigned to items. Otherwise, select the specific supplier.
  4. The Create Purchase Order will get opened. Check the details and click Create POs.
  5. Use the Purchase Orders screen to track the PO.

Further reading


NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here.