Open Orders View: How to Create

An open orders view is a separate tab that you can configure to display open orders containing the most relevant information.

To create a new view, go to Order View Manager and click Create New View in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

HowtoCreateNewView v2

In the Create New View screen:

  1. Type in the name
  2. Select the view type: simple or advanced
  3. Click Create New View

CreateNewView v2

There are two types of views you can create in the Open Orders screen:

Simple view

Simple views allow you to display lots of small pieces of information. They work well when you want to set up a view for a specific task with specific data. You can only place one piece of data per column. 

Info! In a simple view, you can do the hot-storing within the table with open orders.

SimpleView v3

Note! At the moment, the simple view type is under construction. 

Advanced view

Advanced views let you place more than one row of data per column. Because you can place more than one piece of data in a column, hot-sorting is not possible with this view type.

AdvancedView v3

Once the view is created you can click the Edit Edit button to add specific filters, sorting, buttons, etc. to it. More details on how to use views settings here.


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NB! For the documentation on the earlier version of the Open Orders screen, see here: