Working with Order Locations

Linnworks facilitates the tracking of multiple stock levels for the same item across different physical locations. You may have multiple warehouses that contain different levels of the same item, or even a third party warehouse or fulfillment center that contains some of your stock.

Working with Order Locations

Orders in Linnworks can be assigned to warehouses as well as Fulfilment Centres (FC). Typically, when orders are downloaded, they are downloaded into the default location. Therefore, the default location should remain as your main location that you fulfil orders from. Orders can be assigned to any Linnworks location, which will ensure that the correct stock level is altered and updated to sales channels. However, please note that once an order has been allocated to an FC, it cannot be reallocated to another Location.

In the top right hand corner of the open orders screen, the current orders location can be seen  . This can be changed by clicking the  icon, clicking Location and then selecting the location you wish to view  .

The location that a user is currently viewing in the open orders screen is preserved so that when the same user next accesses the open orders screen, it will display the same location. It is recommended that staff working at different sites be given separate Linnworks users to avoid confusion arising due to changing locations. Further information on user management can be found here

Assigning an order to a location

The process of assigning an order to a location is the same as assigning an order to a fulfilment centre:

  • Right click an order in open orders
  • Select Action > Bulk Change > Move to Location
  • Select the appropriate Location

Processing an order from a location

When assigning an order to a location, it will affect the stock in that location. The Available stock in Linnworks is the current stock level with the number of units currently associated with an open order subtracted. In order to reflect this stock change on your other sales channel, make sure that Update Inventory from Locations in the channel config is set appropriately.