Processed Orders

As soon as you have processed or canceled an open order, it is immediately moved from Open Orders to the Processed Orders screen.

There are a few ways to search for a processed order and you may use a combination of methods depending on what order information you already know. 

Searching for Processed Orders


Entering a keyword into the search box will search your database for orders that match that keyword.


A keyword search looks for matches on the following fields:

  • Linnworks Order ID
  • Reference Number
  • External Reference
  • Tracking Number
  • Company
  • Name
  • Post Code
  • Address Line 1
  • Phone Number

If you have applied a date range or filters to your search, Linnworks will only look for orders that also match these criteria.

Date Ranges

You can open the date range picker to select two dates and Linnworks will only search for orders between these dates. When selecting a date range you need to choose one of 4 date fields. These are Order Date, Processed Date, Payment Date, and Canceled Date.


You can also use the predefined date ranges on the right of the date picker to make your search faster. When entering a keyword or applying filters to your search, Linnworks will only look for orders that also match these criteria.


Filters can be applied to help narrow down your search even further. You can filter on two fields: 

  • Stock Item
  • Channel (Source) 

If you have entered a keyword or applied a date range to your search Linnworks will only look for orders that also match these criteria.


Focused Search

If you already know exactly what field you will be searching for you can start typing the name of the field to filter your search. For example, if you know that what you are searching for is a tracking number just begin typing 'tracking' into the search box. You can then select Tracking Number as an option and continue to search. Linnworks will now only search for orders where the tracking number matches your search term.


Viewing Search Results

The Processed Orders grid will display the most useful columns based on your screen size. The smaller your screen the fewer columns will be visible by default. However, you can customize the grid to show you just the information you want to see. By right-clicking any column header, you can enable only the columns that you need. Smaller screens will naturally reduce the number of visible columns but your customization will always be remembered.


Clicking on a column header will sort your search results on that field. Clicking the sub-filter button on any column header will let you further filter your search results so you can narrow in on precisely the orders that you need to see. Right-clicking any cell in the search results grid will let you copy the data in the field.


Viewing Processed Orders

Once you have found the order you are looking for you can view the order to see all the information that Linnworks has stored about the order.

Expanding the order row

Expanding the order row reveals three tabs: Order Items, Audit Trail, and Relations. The Order Items tab shows all the items the buyer purchased. The Audit Trail gives a detailed history of everything that's happened to the order. The Relations tab shows if the order was split or merged.


Right-clicking orders

Right-clicking an order allows you to View > View Order, or View > View Transaction XML. Viewing the order opens the order details screen in a new Linnworks tab. The transaction XML is all the raw data that Linnworks pulled from your selling channel, some of which may not be useful, and will be deleted after one month of the order being processed.

The order details screen can also be opened by double-clicking the order.

Processed Order Actions

As well as just viewing a processed order the processed order screen allows you to carry out essential aftersale functionality. To do this, right-click an order and chose Action.

  • Returns, Exchanges & Resends opens the RMAs screen, where you can carry out the aforementioned aftersales actions.
  • Refunds allow you to create and log refunds against an order.
  • Add Note lets you create, edit, and delete order notes.
  • Reprint Label will print a copy of the label that was printed originally when the order was open.
  • Reprint Invoice will reprint the same conditional invoice that matched the order when the order was open.
  • Reprint Specific Invoice will let you choose from a list of all available invoice templates so long as they don't have conditions.
  • Send Email lets you send an email to the buyer using one of your predefined templates.

Downloading Processed Orders

Once you have completed a search you may be left with multiple orders that met your search criteria. You can download a .csv file of these orders to use in external applications. To do this, click the Download button located at the top right of the results grid. Linnworks will temporarily keep a copy of your most recent download just in case you need to export it again. You can find this by clicking the arrow next to the Download button.


The screen is limited to downloading the first 50,000 search results. If you need to download more orders then consider setting up a data export.

Helpful video

See the video below for more information on how to use the Processed Orders screen.