Order Audit Trail

The Audit Trail of an order shows any process that has had an impact to an order, such as rules engine evaluations or despatch notes being sent to the channel

Table of Contents

Accessing the Screen

Audit trails are saved against every Linnworks order. In order to view an audit trail, you must first open the processed orders screen and then find the order you wish to view

Processed Orders Screen

Processed orders can be found by navigating to:

  1. OrderBook
  2. Processed Orders

Showing the Audit Trail

To view the audit trail of an order, please do the following:

  • Find the order you wish to view the audit trail for
    • For more information on search options, please see this guide.
  • Click the  sign to expand the order
  • Click Audit Trail

  Audit Trail Contents

The audit trail can contain entries for all stages of the order life cycle. Entries are in the following format:

Column Description
Date The date and time that the entry was logged
Description This is an overview of the action
Note This is a more detailed description of the action
User This is the user that made the action. This will either be the email address of the logged in user or actions by Linnworks, which will appear as either "System" or "No User"

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