A refund allows users to notify Linnworks that some or all of the money received from a customer for a specified (processed) order has been returned to the buyer. This ensures that reporting is accurate, as well as records for later reference and other purposes, such as taxation.

Creating a refund

Open the Processed Orders screen, and search for the order you wish to refund. Right-click the order and select Action > Refunds.  Use the Full Refund button to refund an entire order in full or click the Add button in line with the item row to refund a specific item. You can then enter the refund amount for the item as well as a reason for the refund.


Please Note! You can't refund more than the buyer paid for a single line item. Use Additional refund button if you need to add a refund that's not associated with a specific item, or you want to refund more than the buyer paid. This will add a new line item to the item grid, that you can treat as a refundable item. There is no limit to how much you can refund on this row.

Book or Action refund

Booking a refund

Select this option if you aren't ready to pay the refund yet.

Booking a refund will add a refund to the order, but not action them. You will have a record of it in Orders > Returns & Refunds > Actionable Refunds. Here you can find your refund by one of the parameters (Refund Header ID, Order ID, Refund reference, Order reference, Order tracking number, SKU, customer info) and 

  • view refund details
  • edit refund details
  • delete refund
  • action a refund

Once a refund is actioned, it will move from the Actionable Refunds tab to the History tab. 

Actioning a Refund

Select this option if you're ready to pay the refund straight away.

Actioning a refund will add a refund to the order, and mark the refund as actioned. The record of the refund you will find in the History tab. 

Refunding an order in Linnworks does not automatically refund the order on the channel it was created on. This will have to be done externally to Linnworks. Exceptions to this are:

Please note! For the refund to be created on the channel, this should be enabled in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit Channel > Order 

order refunds

Note that for the eBay integration the Order Refunds setting is not available, only Cancellation Notes can be configured for this channel. More details here.