The resend functionality allows you to resend one or more items from a processed order to the buyer.

1. Find your order

Open the Processed Orders screen, and search for the order you wish to resend. Right-click the order and select Action > Returns, Exchanges & Resends.


Select the item you want to exchange, and click Add RMA.

2. Add a resend to the order

The top of the New RMA screen shows details about the item you're logging a resend for. The bottom half of the screen is split into three tabs, Return, Exchange, and Resend

To log a new resend, select the Resend tab. RMA10

You can configure resend using the following fields.

  1. Resend quantity: The number of items being resent.
  2. Resend order location: The location that the new order will be fulfilled from.
  3. Additional Cost: Any additional costs paid by the buyer.
  4. Reason: The reason the item was resent.
  5. Reason category: A custom category for the resend. These categories can be managed by clicking the settings icon next to the Reason category field. Reason categories are shared between returns, exchanges and resends.

Once the fields are filled in, click Add Resend > Action or Book your return.