Rules Engine - Testing Rules

As well as making it easy to build Rules to automate business processes in Linnworks, the Rules Engine has integral Testing Tools to ensure that the rules will perform as intended before they are made active. This will reduce the exposure of customers to potential errors or misunderstandings.

This section will cover the setting up and running of tests in the Rules Engine.

Setting Up and Running a Test

This guide assumes that the Rules Engine is already open, and that a Rule is in place to test. The rule(s) used in this test are from the Adding and Editing Rules in the Linnworks Rules Engine articles.

  1. Start by Editing the chosen Rule.
  2. Click on the Show test window control at the top of the Editor.
  3. To test the Rule using an existing order, enter an Order ID and click.Load Existing.
  4. To test the Rule with specific values instead, Fill in the Values at the top of the Test Window. In this case these values are Total Charge and Total Weight.
  5. Click Run Test.
  6. The Rules Engine Test Window will display the result at the top of the screen.
  7. Close the Test Window when testing is completed.

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