From the Settings menu, you can configure your Linnworks system to make sure that everything is working as it should. The Settings section is important when first implementing Linnworks into your business, as it is here that you will configure the majority of your system before you start using it.

General Settings

The Application Settings section includes a range of options for configuring the use of You can find controls and options affecting a number of the tools and areas within here

Application Store

The Application Store hosts 3rd party apps for These apps use your Linnworks account data via embedded screens, external websites or mobile applications

User Management

Everyone that uses Linnworks will be required to log in using their own unique user account. An account consists of a username (email address) and a password

Channel Integration

Channel integration is the process of connecting your selling channels (marketplaces & ecommerce platforms) to Linnworks


A configurator is a tool used to create new listings in bulk. It is used to collate listing details that a collection of listings will share, so that you don't have to specify the same listing information for each listing.

Import & Export Data's Import and Export functionality allows you to either upload or download data from your Linnworks database in a csv format. These can be executed as one off / adhoc tasks or set to run on a scheduled which will be repeated on a regular basis.

Template Designer

Template Designer is a way of customising documentation that can be produced by Linnworks. Commonly, this will be in the form of invoices, but Template Designer can also produce a range of other documents; such as customised picking and packing lists, postage manifests, purchase orders and more.

Rules Engine

The rules engine provides users of a visual interface for applying bespoke business rules without the need for any prior programming knowledge; that are run automatically after an order is downloaded from a sales channel and saved within

Automation Logs

The Automation Logs can be used to check on the status of the system during a given time period