Channel Integration

Channel integration in Linnworks is a way of connecting the system directly to an online selling marketplace or cart that will allow Linnworks to interact with it. The following guide will give an overview of the Channel Integration screen.
To access the Channel Integration screen, go to Settings > Channel Integration. Here you can configure existing channels and integrate new ones.


  •  Add New: Clicking this will open the channel integration wizard
  •  Delete: This button deletes the channel from your system
    • Deleting a channel removes all listing templates, configurators and linking information associated with the channel
    • Deleting a channel does not remove titles, descriptions or pricing information from the SKUs nor extended properties used by that channel

Grid View

Column Name / Icon Description
Channel Icon This icon displays which sales channel this integration is associated with.
Channel Name This is the name used to identify the specific integration in Linnworks, also known as the SubSource. Depending on the channel integration, some SubSources are set by Linnworks and some can be defined when the channel is integrated. It is not possible to edit the name of the channel once it has been integrated.
Enabled This button toggles between Enabled and Disabled when clicked. When a channel is enabled, Linnworks will communicate with the channel to download orders and perform other functions in line with what is specified in the channel config. When disabled, no communication will occur between Linnworks and the sales channel.
Inventory Sync This button toggles between Enabled and Disabled when clicked. When enabled, Linnworks will submit inventory updates to the channel when the available stock level in Linnworks changes. When disabled, Linnworks will not send any stock information to the sales channel.
edit channel settings Clicking this icon will open the channel configuration menu. The content of this menu will differ depending on what sales channel is being configured. For more information about the settings in this menu, please see the Channel Integration Settings page of the relevant channel integration.
location mapping settings Clicking this icon will open the Location Mapping menu. In the Location Mapping screen, you can select to which location orders are saved from a certain channel and locations from which stock will be advertised for sale. A detailed guide about location mapping can be found here.
inventory mapping settings Clicking this icon will open the Inventory Mapping screen. Inventory Mapping allows you to link items listed on your sales channel with stock items in your Linnworks database. A detailed guide about inventory mapping can be found here.
payment mapping settings Clicking this icon will open the Payment Mapping screen. Payment mapping allows you to link payment methods on the channel to Linnworks payment methods. This allows you to keep track of what payment methods your buyers use when making a purchase.
shipping mapping settings Clicking this icon will open the Shipping Mapping screen. Shipping mapping allows you to link the shipping method that the selects when making a purchase and assign it to a Linnworks Postal Service automatically. 

Sales Channels in Linnworks

A channel is either a website platform, shopping cart, or online marketplace that you receive orders through. The functionality depends on the type of integrated channel, and documentation for each specific integration can be found on the channels page. 

In addition to this, Linnworks also has the ability to directly list to certain channels. For more information on this, please see our Listing Management documentation.