Allegro Channel Integration

Allegro channel integration allows for the seamless management of product listings, orders, and stock levels on the Allegro marketplace through Linnworks. Use this integration to:

  • Manage your product data on Allegro via Linnworks
  • Synchronize, import, and update orders
  • Update stock levels on Allegro
  • Create new product listings on Allegro from Linnworks using a configurator and extended properties
AllegroConnector v2
NB! Allegro channel integration is a 3rd party integration - additional information and technical support are provided by the Emanaged developer directly. Additional costs may apply.

Supported Features

Inventory Updates Linnworks can automatically send changes in stock levels to the channel.
Inventory Mapping Channel listings can be linked to Linnworks inventory items for stock level and price updates.
Order Download Channel orders can be automatically downloaded into Linnworks.
Location Mapping Orders can be downloaded to and inventory updates sent from specific locations.
Listing Creation New listings on the channel can be created via Linnworks.
Order Despatch Orders on the channel can be marked as shipped, updated with the tracking number, and shipping service name via Linnworks.
Price Change Prices on channel listings can be automatically updated via Linnworks.

Adding the integration

Detailed installation and configuration instructions are provided in the Developer's user guide. For additional information, further assistance, and technical support, please contact the developer directly.

Below are the steps for initiating the integration installation in Linnworks:

  1. In go to Settings > Channel Integrations and click the + Add New button.
  2. Search for the Allegro integration and click Install Application.
    • NB! There are two Allegro channel integrations available in Linnworks. If you would like to use the integration that was developed by Emanaged, make sure to select proper integration on the screen.
  3. Follow further instructions from the developer.


Next steps: