Amazon B2B Selling

Amazon offers sellers the option of selling business to business (B2B) in certain marketplaces. Linnworks has the ability to offer business prices on listings and mark relevant orders as B2B orders, which can be identified in the Open Orders screen. This guide will cover how to identify B2B orders. For more information about listing B2B prices through Linnworks, please see this guide.


In order to be eligible to receive B2B orders, your Amazon account must be upgraded to an Amazon Business Account

Identifying Amazon B2B Orders

Unlike Amazon Prime orders, B2B orders do not set an order tag. Instead, they are identified by a note added to the order and an extended property. The extended property has the following format:

Name Value Type
IsBusinessOrder True Business Order

The easiest way to identify B2B order is to assign them to a folder, which can then be displayed in a new Open Orders view. Assigning the order to a folder can be done automatically by the rules engine when the order is downloaded into Linnworks, provided the rule has been set up and is enabled.

Creating the Rule

A general guide on using the rules engine can be found here. The following guide deals specifically with setting up a rule to assigning Amazon B2B orders to a folder. Before creating the rule, set up a folder for the orders to be assigned to. Details on how to do this can be found in our Folder Management guide.

  • Open the Rules Engine, which can be found under Order Book > Rules Engine
  • Click Add New Rule
  • Give the rule a name and click Create
    • Edit the rule when prompted
  • Click Add New and enter the following rule conditions:
    • Condition name:A name to recognise the condition, for instance; B2B Order Note
    • Select Order Note from the drop down menu
    • This will add Order Note as a condition
    • In the right hand text box, enter: Amazon B2B Order
    • Click Save Condition
  • To the right of the B2B Order Note node, click Add New and enter the following rule actions:
    • Select action from the top of the new window
    • Action Name:A name to recognise the action, for instance; Assign to Folder
    • Action Type: Assign order to folder
    • Action ValueYour desired folder chosen in the first step
  • Click Save Action
  • Click Save
  • A prompt will appear to enable the rule now. Click Yes

The above rule will assign all Amazon B2B orders to the specified folder. Please note that rules will run in an order of preference. This means that an order can be changed by multiple rules. With this in mind, please check that the created rule will work as intended with any other rules that you have enabled in your Linnworks system.

Once the rule has been verified, a new order view can be set up in Open Orders with a filter to show only orders assigned to the specified folder. For more information on setting up Open Order views, please see this guide.

Listing Business Prices

Business prices, including discounted prices for bulk orders, can be added to listings created through These prices will only be shown to other eligible Amazon Business account holders. For more information on this, please see our Business Prices guide.