Amazon Inventory Mapping

This guide details how to set up a mapping between the Linnworks Inventory and Amazon Listings.


The fundamental concept of Inventory Mapping is the same for all channel integrations. This means that the process of mapping Linnworks stock items to listings is the same Amazon as it is for most other selling channels. A generic guide for how to map inventory items to listings can be found here

Ignore Sync

When this box is ticked, Linnworks will ignore the listing when synchronizing inventory. Linnworks will not send a revised stock level to the listing if the available quantity in Linnworks changes for it's linked stock item.



This indicator shows you if the listing is a Fulfilled by Amazon listing. Because you cannot change the fulfilment status of a listing in Linnworks directly, this is just an indicator and not an on-screen control. By default, an FBA item is also marked to be ignored.