eBay - Add New Channel Integration

This guide explains how to add your eBay account to Linnworks.

Linnworks can integrate with the following eBay marketplaces:

Country Site abbreviation URL
Australia AU ebay.com.au
Austria AT ebay.at
Belgium_Dutch BENL ebay.be
Belgium_French BEFR ebay.be
Canada CA ebay.ca
CanadaFrench CAFR ebay.ca
eBayMotors eBay Motors US is now part of the eBay US site.
France FR ebay.fr
Germany DE ebay.de
HongKong HK ebay.com.hk
India IN ebay.in
Ireland IE ebay.ie
Italy IT ebay.it
Malaysia MY ebay.com.my
Netherlands NL ebay.nl
Philippines PH ebay.ph
Poland PL ebay.pl
Singapore SG ebay.com.sg
Spain SP ebay.sp
Switzerland CH ebay.ch
UK UK ebay.co.uk
USA US ebay.com

 To add a new channel:

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > +Add New.
  2. Select eBay in the list of available channels.
  3. Click Integrate.

Now you will need to go through 5 steps in eBay Channel Integration Wizard:

Step 1:

Select eBay site, your eBay Username and click Step 2


NB! eBay integration allows creating listings to different countries sites despite the specific site being selected for a channel integration. The country site for the listings will be specified in the configurator > Main settings. So if the integration is created for the US, you still can list to European sites or vice versa.

Step 2:

The eBay token service provides access tokens via two different grant flows:

  • Client credentials grant flow mints a new Application access token.
  • Authorization code grant flow mints a new User access token.

For our users that means that they need to sign in to their account twice during channel integration as they have two incompatible tokens to authorize.

1st sign in - Click the link under the header called Authorise eBay.

This will open up your default browser and take you to the eBay Sign-in page, log in using your eBay credentials.


eBay will open a Grant application access page asking you to give your permission to share your eBay data with Linnworks.

Please read our Privacy Policy and if you are happy to go ahead, click the Agree button and go to Step 3.

Step 3

2nd sign-in is required to authorise the second token, click Authorise eBay's new APIs:


Click I Agree. It is now safe to close eBay window and continue with channel configuration by clicking Step 4.

Step 4:

Select which actions you would like  Linnworks to do and go to Step 5:



Download existing orders: Tick this box if you want Linnworks to retrieve your orders from this channel. 

Send despatch notes: Tick this box if you want to mark orders as shipped on eBay when they are processed in Linnworks.


Inventory enabled: Tick this box if you want to change the available quantity on eBay for linked stock items when your stock level changes in Linnworks.


Download existing listings: Tick this box if you want Linnworks to retrieve your active listings so that they can be mapped to inventory items to track stock levels.

Step 5:

Select more actions you would like Linnworks to do and go to Step 6:


Inventory Settings

Out of stock: Tick this box if you want to enable the 'out of stock' feature for GTC listings.

End listings: Tick this box if you want to end listings that have run out of stock.

Relist ended listings: Tick this box if you want to relist listings that have ended but still have stock remaining.

End auctions: Tick this box if you want to end auctions.

Relist auction: Tick this box if you want to relist auctions.

Revise listings: Tick this box if you want to revise listings.

Step 6

Now your channel is successfully integrated, click Finish, and you can get started.