eBay Channel Integration Settings

Linnworks integration has multiple settings that allow detailed control of how Linnworks interacts with eBay. This guide will help you to configure your eBay to make sure Linnworks is doing what is required.

Once the channel is added click on the pen icon in the channel integration screen for the required eBay integration.


 Available for the configuration options:

eBay account

  • Enabled: Tick this option to allow communication between Linnworks and eBay, without this ticked no information will be sent to eBay or received from eBay.
  • eBay User ID: Your eBay Account name.
  • eBay Site: The eBay site that is integrated, eg. UK, Germany, France, United States.
  • PayPal email addresses: List of PayPal email addresses associated with the eBay account.
  • Opted-in to Managed Payment Program: This setting is automatically ticked if your eBay account is configured to use eBay's Managed Payments program. NB! This option only represents what is set up on your eBay backend. You do not need to enable/disable it in your Linnworks account. 
    • Important! If you are enrolled on this program on eBay, you no longer need to specify any payment methods for your listings in the eBay configurators. If any payment methods were specified previously, they will be ignored. It is eBay that specifies which payment methods are accepted now as such you cannot set this up in Linnworks.
  • Test: Used to confirm the supplied credentials work correctly allowing communication between eBay and Linnworks for both tokens.
  • Re/authorize: This button will trigger to reauthorize your tokens if it is required.

If the eBay tokens expire, clicking 'Test' will confirm the integration isn't working and relaunch the eBay integration wizard.

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  • End Listings: If enabled it allows Linnworks to end your eBay listings if you have run out of stock.
  • Relist Listings: If enabled it allows Linnworks to relist your listings when the stock comes back in.
  • If a Subsource-specific listing price exists on the listings' linked stock item, this price will be used for the new listing and not the original price of the ended listing.
  • Revise Listings: If enabled it allows Linnworks to revise your listing and edit the inventory levels in accordance with Linnworks.
  • Do not end auctions: If enabled it allows Linnworks to keep auctions live even if you have run out of stock.
  • Do not relist auctions: If enabled it allows Linnworks not to relist auctions, even if you have stock in your system.
  • Out-of-Stock enabled: Works with the Out-of-Stock feature on your eBay account to keep listings live even when they have run out of stock.
  • Limit Update to a specific site: If enabled, Linnworks will only update your stock levels to a specific eBay site. This works great if you are selling internationally via a 3rd party software such as WebInterpret, and do not manage your international sites via Linnworks.
  • Site to update: This is related to the option above, specify the eBay site you would like stock updates on.
  • Download full listings: Download in the background information about your listings such as SKU, title, extended properties, images to allow you to create your items instantly via Extract Inventory.

eBayConfig Order

  • Despatch Notes: After processing an order in Linnworks a despatch notification, Tracking number (if available), and the selected Shipping Vendor will be submitted to the channel. When the option is disabled, no despatch information will be submitted to eBay.
    • Tracking numbers must be longer than 5 characters otherwise they will not be submitted.
    • If either the Linnworks Postal Service or the Linnworks Vendor Name is Default, the tracking number will not be submitted.
    • Where an eBay supported shipping carrier is found, based on the Linnworks Vendor Name of the selected postal service, this is submitted to eBay with the despatch note.
    • Where an eBay supported shipping carrier is not found, the Linnworks Postal Service is submitted to eBay with the despatch note.
    • eBay supported shipping carriers are dependent on the eBay site Id, and due to the nature of the list being controlled by eBay it is not possible to provide a list of supported shipping carriers in this guide.
  • Order Sync Date: This shows the date and time when Linnworks last synchronized with the channel.
  • Return notes: Linnworks will send order return notes to your sales channel once the order is partially or fully returned. If selected, additional options will be available for Managed Returns. Clicking this button will open a new screen where you can:
    • Provide RMA Reference: tick if you would like Linnwork to return RMA reference.
    • RMA Reference: select a type of reference to be returned.
    • Provide alternative shipping address: if you would like to have a different return address that is specified on eBay, specify it here.

If none of these will be filled in, Linnworks will simply send a confirmation to eBay about the receipt of the return without any details supplied.

  • Ignore eBay fulfilled orders: if enabled, orders that are fully fulfilled by eBay will not be downloaded into Linnworks. If disabled, orders that are fully fulfilled by eBay will be downloaded into Linnworks. These orders will be parked, locked, and marked with the EBAY FULFILLMENT identifier. As soon as these orders are shipped by eBay, in Linnworks they will be automatically processed. Important! Your eBay account must be authorized with the latest APIs in order to automatically process such orders.
    NB! The Ignore eBay fulfilled orders setting is enabled for all users by default.
  • Use Sales Record Number as order Channel Reference: if ticked, Linnworks will download orders with a 6-digit channel reference number. Please check more details here.
  • Cancellation notes: If enabled, Linnworks will send order cancellation notes and refund amount to your sales channel once the order is partially or fully canceled. When canceling an eBay order from Linnworks you would need to specify a reason. Please Note! Cancellation reasons may impact a seller's rating, please check more info here.
  • Allow automated cancellations: If enabled, Linnworks will automatically cancel the orders in the system once they are canceled on eBay. Once the order is canceled the extended property with a cancellation ID will be added to the order. Please Note! If the order is marked as shipped, Linnworks will return an error. Only open orders are available for cancellation. Orders can be canceled on eBay for one hour. This option is not recommended if you process the order as soon as it gets to the system.
  • Use Channel Tax for USA/Canada site transactions: if enabled, Linnworks will use tax values calculated by the eBay site during order download. This setting only applies to those who sell on eBay USA or Canada.
  • Use Channel Tax for Australia site transactions: if enabled, Linnworks will use tax values calculated by the eBay site during order download. This setting only applies to those who sell on eBay Australia.
  • Use Channel Tax for UK site transactions: if enabled, Linnworks will use tax values calculated by the eBay site during order download. This setting only applies to those who sell on eBay UK.
    NB! The setting will be enabled to all by default and starts applying to orders starting from January 1st, 2021.
  • Use Channel Tax for EU site transactions: if enabled, Linnworks will use tax values calculated by the eBay site during order download. This setting only applies to those who sell on eBay EU sites.
    NB! The setting will be enabled by default for any user that has Use Channel Tax for UK site Transactions enabled.
  • Handle By Time: default handling time. This setting indicates the latest date/time (displayed in the Open Orders screen) that the seller should ship the order to ensure that the package arrives at the buyer within the estimated delivery window. The setting will be applied in the case when order data from the channel doesn't contain information about the despatch time.

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  • Update Inventory: Allow Linnworks to submit changes in stock levels to eBay. Linnworks supports multiple stock locations for additional warehouses/fulfillment centers/suppliers. Ensure you set which Linnworks locations are used when submitting changes in stock levels to your channel via the Location Mapping screen accessed from the main Channel Integration screen.
  • Max Listed: This specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel.
  • Stock Percentage: This will send a percentage of the currently available stock level to the sales channel.
  • End When: This enables you to force the listing to end when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero.
    • For more details go to the End When guide. 


  • Price Change: Price Change is designed to speed up the process of updating the sales channel once a Linnworks stock item has had its listing price updated and saved. To find out more go to the Price Change Page.


  • Listing Download in Progress: This tick box will tick itself if a Listing Update has begun.
  • Listing Download start time: This will show the date and time of when the update has begun.
  • Last listing download completion time: This will show the date and time of when the last manual update was run.
  • Listing Download estimated completion: This will give you an estimate of when the manual scan will be complete – the time can vary depending on server speeds and the amount of listings.
  • Download Listings: Click on this button to force Linnworks to request an update from the channel for your active listings.

Linnworks.net is designed to update the listings on the mapping page regularly. However, if for any reason it has not, then the Download Listings button here allows you to force Linnworks to schedule an update.